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Reach Out Recovery Mother Daughter Team Talk Repairing Relationships After Addiction and How to Use Their Recovery Content

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Leslie Glass is the Co-founder of the popular website Reach Out Recovery with her daughter, Lindsey. An author and journalist, Leslie served on the Middles States Commission of Higher Education and the New York City Police Foundation. She was the author of 12 NY Times and USA Today bestselling crime novels, happily killing people for a living before addiction recovery advocacy inspired a new career. In 2011, Leslie and Lindsey produced two documentaries and launched Reach Out Recovery to provide desperately needed information and support to the 120 Americans directly impacted by mental illness and addiction. The personal 20-year experience with addiction and recovery inspired our mother and daughter writing team to develop content and tools for addiction prevention, recovery, and healthy living. Leslie is the author of recovery and health books for children, teens, and adults. Lindsey Glass is a writer, recovery advocate, speaker, and co-founder of Reach Out Recovery, a health and wellness website and publisher. She has written screenplays, a self-help book and writes regularly about mental health, recovery, and learning those critical life skills.

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