Managing Employees for Supervisors

Estimated watch time: 56 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Ria Dark, MS, LSW, SAP, SAE, RYT

Explore the role of the manager/coworker and the relationship for team success. Common problems and key indicators. How to intervene and how to continue to manage the environment.


  1. Identify Key Indicators of Performance Issues
  2. Discover how to intentionally manage the work environment
  3. Rediscover manager responsibilities in the current work climate
  4. Explore the role of mental health on employees and how to intervene

About the Speakers:

Ria Dark is the CEO and Founder of 2Rogues. She possesses experiences from the fields of education, mental health, human services, the public and private sector. Ria is a highly sought after speaker on Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Health, Life Balance, Resiliency, Conflict Resolution and mastering of Soft Skills. She trains for global and national corporations and reaches and helps thousands via her work with EAP’s.

Medical Disclaimer

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