IMAGINE- Next Steps In Your Emergence As The Brilliant You!


Estimated watch time: 58 mins 

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We will introduce SIX Areas of Influence, along with TEN Disciplines, and Seven Levels of Consciousness that affect how you navigate your perception of WHO you are BEING in the present moment. Demystification of Performance: Performance = Potential (Flow State) minus Interference (Stress Reactions) Implementing a life practice using the above will support you as you create High-Performance Living as a result of making conscious choices in the moment that serves us and those around us.

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Jim Narin, Kurt D. Bruckmann, and Walter Aguilar As Leaders in the Dynamics of CORE Energy Coaching Jim, Kurt, and Walter have collaborated in creating programs that empower clients to understand their potential for self-mastery using conscious choice in the present moment. They partner with their clients to build their unique SUCCESS FORMULA AND SUCCESS POSSE by identifying inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as they meet their challenges. The process of being connected to inner purpose and outer goals by creating sustainable PROGRESS through Awareness, Acceptance, and Conscious Choice allows for accessing the Mind/Energy Connection to live an inspired and effective life.

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