The River of Recovery

The River of Recovery: How Family Becomes the Solution Around Recovery


Estimated watch time: 1 hr and 26 mins

Available credits: none

Objectives and Summary:

Mr. Jones presents how the family can become a solution during recovery from addiction. He begins the presentation with a statistic and then goes on to discuss addiction’s path from a family perspective, a challenge to black and white thinking and framing reality with hope and an ideal pathway. 

Mr. Jones outline the objectives of this approach, explains an exercise and assessing the risk falls to the family. He then opens the floor for questions and after answering some, he returns to the presentation to explain The Family Recovery Solution (TFRS). He introduces TFRS online community and encourages patients to join. Mr. Jones presents a structural approach to addiction in the family including the four problems if recovery does not include family change. 

Mr. Jones examines Eric Wolterstorff’s four trauma roles and Virginia Satir’s family roles and leads into his river metaphor. He concludes by encouraging his colleagues to implement a new approach into existing treatment approaches.

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