From Sobriety to Recovery- The Next Step

Estimated watch time: 55 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Jesse Mogle, BS, MPNLP, PCBT, PFLS

We are all at the mercy of our unconscious habits and patterns until we bring to light that which drives us. When we are aware of what fuels our behaviors we are able to steer them toward the version of ourselves we desire to become.


  1. To bring to attendees awareness the unconscious drivers in their behaviors. 
  2. To show attendees how they can consciously direct these drivers. 
  3. To laugh and have fun

About the Speaker:

Jesse Mogle spent 12 years attending college and is not a doctor! He is, however, a guest expert on Fox and NBC and has worked with companies such as Disney, Universal Studios as well as the USC, the University of Florida, and UCLA. Jesse has been a talk show host and lead news anchor in Los Angeles and an internationally published journalist. In his free time, Jesse hikes mountains, adds to his over 700 concerts attended, and drives hundreds of miles for animal sanctuaries and aquariums.

Medical Disclaimer

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