Finding Solutions: Effective Goal Setting & Problem Solving


Estimated watch time: 49 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Tim Sosin, MA, LPC, NCC

This presentation is designed to lay our core skills based in the A-CRA model for change through effective goal setting and problem-solving. These evidence-based methods are easy to learn and practice with the right type of support and care. This training will model effective goal setting and problem-solving techniques to prepare and equip attendees to practice these skills personally and within their various roles.


  • To empower attendees with the ability to empower their clients/mentees/supervisees to create change in their lives.
  • To teach evidence-based goal-setting and problem-solving strategies.
  • To provide training to utilize language that promotes change, progress, and forward motion.

About the Speaker:

Tim Sosin is a trauma specialist practicing in Philadelphia. He is an EMDRIA certified therapist and also holds a certification in A-CRA, both of which equip him to help clients transform and heal from trauma and addiction. He has a history of treating developmental trauma, healing attachment and bringing clients through PTSD. He is devoted to seeing client’s liberated to live the lives they want to live. Tim started Birthstone Trauma Healing in 2020 as a place for individuals to experience deep transformation and recovery. He provides tailored trauma intensives along with individual therapy. In addition, Tim runs a Trauma IOP cohort at Sanare Today in which he works intensely with small groups to experience healing and growth. He has a history of working in the public sector, in university counseling and in private practice. Tim and his wife Hannah live in Philadelphia.

Medical Disclaimer

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