Establishing the Therapeutic Relationship

Estimated watch time: 54 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Shannon Crather, LPCC-S, LMHC

Clinician’s face varied challenges when it comes to the challenging work we do within different populations across varied settings. In this training you will learn skills necessary to best establish rapport with children & adolescents in a way that can foster resiliency and success as they work through different mental health and substance abuse difficulties.


  1. Better understand the importance and foundational skills behind establishing therapeutic rapport
  2. Develop practical strategies to implement rapport-building skills when working with children and adolescents facing mental health and substance abuse difficulties
  3. Develop improved competency in delivering evidence-guided interventions surrounding rapport building

About the Speakers:

Shannon Crather is a practicing LPCC-S in Ohio and a LMHC in the state of Florida. She received her MS from Monmouth University in Mental Health Counseling. She is currently working in Behavioral Health at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Shannon has practiced counseling with an array of populations in different levels of acuity including treatment of mental health and substance abuse within children, adolescents, and adults. Shannon is passionate about meeting clients where they are at.

Medical Disclaimer

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