Effectively Managing Multiple Roles

Estimated watch time: 49 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Dr. Anna Flores Locke, PhD, LPC, ACS

Finding it hard to manage multiple roles effectively?  You are not alone. All of us have to juggle multiple roles at the same time, in one day, which can be overwhelming. Often, we feel that by prioritizing one role over another that we are constantly making concessions and sacrifices to make it all happen.  In this presentation, you will learn, through mindfulness, a helpful mindset switch that will help you effectively manage multiple roles without feeling overwhelmed or guilty about having to do it all. 


  1. Participants will name the multiple roles they play on a daily basis.
  2. Participants will gain awareness of how prioritizing roles can impact mental health. 
  3. Participants will learn a mindset switch, through mindfulness, to help them effectively manage multiple roles in life. 

About the Speakers:

Dr. Anna is an international award-winning author who has worked in the mental health profession for more than 15 years. She holds a doctorate in counseling and is a licensed professional counselor in multiple states. She owns Charlandra Counseling Services, a virtual infertility counseling center. She is a Latina twin mom from Chicago, currently lives in New Jersey, and enjoys dancing and going to the beach.

Medical Disclaimer

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