Children with Depression-Workshop for Supporters

Estimated watch time:
 48 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Hakikat Bains, MA, EdM, APCC

The mental and emotional health space is already challenging and vulnerable for many clients–and being a young child adds an additional layer of complexity. This workshop will help break down commonly asked questions by families regarding depression in youth, symptom distinction between GAD and MDD with children, holistic approaches to treatment, and additional resources for navigating collaborative work with young clients.


  1. Provide clinicians more insight on the frequently asked questions and common misunderstandings of caregivers & supporters around the topic of children’s mental health 
  2. Discuss symptom overlap and distinction between depression and anxiety in youth population 
  3. Explore ways to incorporate holistic wellness approaches in treatment 
  4. Understand how to provide parents & supporters a simple “3 step guide” to the commonly asked question around “What Can I Do?”
  5. Enable discussion around resources in the field which target youth populations to provide families additional support

About the Speakers:

I currently serve as Mental Health Clinician and Program Manager at Yes To Therapy. I specialize in working with children and young adults in providing individual and holistic forms of therapy. My specialties include building distress tolerance, treating mood disorders, grief counseling, trauma-informed approaches, behavioral issues, and attachment in children and family conflict. I highly value embedding multicultural competence and cultural factors throughout my work with clients.

Medical Disclaimer

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