Cannabis is Harmless, Think Again!

Cannabis is Harmless, Think Again! An Addiction Medicine Perspective


Estimated watch time: 54 mins

Available credits: none

Objectives and Summary:

In this presentation, Dr. Wandler will discuss the addiction model for cannabis, data on youth on youth and cannabis use, consequences of cannabis use, research regarding cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) and treatment approaches for cannabis use disorder. 

This webinar will also discuss the differences between various marijuana plants, synthetic marijuana and cannabinoids. Dr. Wandler will describe the cannabinoid system and cannabidiol (CBD), including risk factors and cognitive effects along with increased risk of cannabis use disorders, especially among adolescents. 

To conclude, Dr. Wandler will review current evidence from studies and research regarding THC and CBD use and effects on a patient’s physical and mental health and the ASAM’s public policy statement on medical marijuana.

Medical Disclaimer

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