A Caregivers Guide to Self-Care

Estimated watch time: 54 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Molly Jones, LSW

Attendees will review and reflect on personal stresses and trauma and identify personal impact. They will also be able to reflect on how that impact affects caregiver role, and review personal self-care strategies.


  1. Learn relationship between trauma and physical health implications
  2. Reflect on personal ACE’s and impact on relationships
  3. Identify 2 ways Trauma impacts Role
  4. Self-care and Self-Regulation Reminders

About the Speakers:

3D Pathways is owned and operated by Dee Dee Doling-Dade and Ernie Doling, a father/daughter counseling duo located in Canal Winchester, Ohio. Both are Licensed Independent Social Workers with the State of Ohio. They have over 30 years experience between the two providing Behavioral Health and Mental Health Services in the State of Ohio. They are passionate about whole person wellness and the impact of trauma and stress on the caregiver.

Medical Disclaimer

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