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Making Peace with Parents: 7 Ways to Engage Caregivers in the Healing Process

Estimated watch time: 48 mins 

Available credits: none


There’s no doubt that having parents that are supportive of the therapeutic process is beneficial for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it always feels that way. Partnering with the parents of your clients requires a commitment to collaboration and a few healthy tools. During this presentation, you’ll explore the most common barriers to working with parents and practice creative solutions that will help everyone.


  1. Participants will identify and explore common challenges and root causes of engaging caregivers in the therapeutic process
  2. Participants will identify key opportunities for engaging caregivers to improve outcomes for clients
  3. Participants will gain strategies for building the therapeutic alliance with caregivers

Presentation Materials:

Calvalyn Day achieved a master’s degree in educational counseling from Indiana University and has practiced as a school counselor in elementary, middle, and high schools in Indiana. She has a unique set of skills that empower her clients to achieve success and life mastery.

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