5 Ways to Create Confidence in Life and Business


Estimated watch time: 53 mins 
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Speaker: Tammy Workman-Lopez MBA/HCM


  1. Awareness. You are in control of your thoughts and emotions, they are not in control of you.
  2. Response. Notice how your mind and body is responding to the thoughts, what emotions rise, and how the body feels.
  3. Trust. Retraining the thinking changes the emotions relapses the body by listening to what the body and emotions are saying.

About the Speaker:

Tammy Workman-Lopez is a wonderful Author, Speaker & National/International Virtual Mindset & Wellness Coach. Tammy graduated with her BS in Psychology, Masters in Business & Healthcare management, Licensed in massage therapy, Diploma & Certification in Hypnotherapy with Honors, and Certification for Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching & Health and Wellness TLS Coaching (Weight loss, Lifestyle choices). Tammy has helped parents, teens, children, students, couples, and entrepreneurs set boundaries with income, relationships, and self-care. With the 500+ clients, she has seen they testify to being able to sleep better, move better, losing weight, and are keeping it off, quitting smoking permanently, having beautiful communication, better relationships personally and professionally, and stopping various bad habits while picking up new, and wonderful habits. You now have her to guide you too!

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