Motivational Interviewing – Level Up Your Impact

Estimated watch time: 63 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Johanna Leal, MA

Participants will develop and practice core skills in Motivational Interviewing, learn the foundational principles of spirit and strategy, and explore ways to incorporate intentional conversations about change into their programs and practices.


  1. Participants will gain an understanding of the underlying spirit and approach of Motivational Interviewing.
  2. Participants will learn and practice the foundational skills of Motivational Interviewing. 
  3. Participants will learn how to apply Motivational Interviewing strategies to improve behavior change outcomes.

About the Speakers:

As a Founding Member of the Alliance for Community and Justice Innovation, Johanna works with reform minded leaders innovating solutions to crime prevention, victim services, reentry and access to behavioral health. Johanna specializes in working at the intersection of systems to increase collective impact for transformational change. She believes that MI is important not only for supporting individual change, but for leadership to change entire systems to work better for and with people.

Medical Disclaimer

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