Many people throughout the world feel stress in their day-to-day lives. People in America, however, may be feeling it a bit more. A new Gallup study reports that stress, worry and anger levels in America are at the highest they’ve been in a decade.

Over 150,000 people were polled around the world, and these high-stress feelings may be the result of a few different factors. When it comes to stress in America, statistics primarily point toward age, low incomes and political views as potential causes.

Results of the Gallup Global Emotions Report

The U.S. results show that stress, worry and anger levels have increased across the board. When interviewed last year, participants responded to questions about their daily feelings:

  • 55% felt stressed during most of the day
  • 45% worried a lot
  • 22% felt anger a lot

This puts America near the top of the most-stressed countries list, with Greece and the Philippines experiencing the highest levels. Americans experience an above-average amount of worry and an average amount of anger compared to the rest of the world.

Negative Experiences Are at Record Highs

With these increased levels of stress, worry and anger, America’s Negative Experience Index has reached 35. This is three points higher than it’s ever been before. The higher the index, the more negative emotions there are in a country.

Since 2017, the rest of the world is also experiencing more of these negative feelings. In America, there are at least three reasons why this is occurring: age, income level, and views on President Trump’s performance.

Reasons for Increased Stress, Worry and Anger

Why are Americans so stressed? There are several situations that help explain why stress and other negative experiences in the U.S. have increased overall.

During the interview process, Gallup asked for participants to provide their age. The results show that people aged 15 to 49 carry most of these negative experiences.

In addition, people with low income suffer the most — the country’s poorest 20% experienced more stress, worry and anger than richer people. Low income levels can cause stress, due to decreased financial stability and the struggles that come with it.

Gallup also interviewed people about whether they approved President Trump’s performance. Those who disapproved reported experiencing higher levels of these negative emotions.

Since these feelings tie directly into physical health and lifespan, Gallup’s goal is to bring awareness to world leaders about these rising issues.

High levels of stress or worry can lead to drug misuse and addiction. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, reach out to The Recovery Village. Our professional staff can help you begin the path toward recovery and live a life free from drugs.

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