Co-dependent coupleIt’s very simple, you just need to get through it. You’re a juggler and one of the best. You flip and spin endless family incidents and there’s nary a chip to be seen, at least not while you’re moving. If your footwork’s right, it falls in place most of the time. You’re the one who pushes the chaos out. You’ve got a handle on the situation. All of these are symptoms of co-dependency.

As soon as you got the news, you took action. Your son had been behaving badly, so you fixed his car and bought him that tattoo. You both had long talks. He agreed it was a better idea to focus on his studies and take that job. But since he switched schools his grades have suffered, and now he skips classes and sneaks out at night. He thinks you don’t know, but you can tell by the way he shelters his eyes. You also called the school. These are codependency symptoms.

This is the solution: if your husband would just stop drinking, your house would become a home. His son needs a father, especially now. It’s easy: he should just stop as you did. So you throw the liquor out. But your husband doesn’t listen like your son – he just heads to the bar. So you lash out. And private arguments become explanations to the police. But you can take care of that, too. These, too, are symptoms of codependency.

What is Codependency?

Codependency has been defined as a dysfunctional style of relating to others. Those suffering from codependency symptoms feel overwhelmed by life circumstances and are incapable of taking care of themselves. People who act in a codependent manner make futile attempts to change circumstances and surroundings. But money alone can’t cure substance abuse, and long talks don’t arrest psychological illness. A new car can’t revolutionize a person’s outlook and get them to work on time. The sad challenge is that those who are codependent believe their means, their personal momentum, can fuel others. Regardless of success, what’s virtually guaranteed is the person who suffers from codependency symptoms is headed toward self-destruction. Codependents can’t stay in their own skins. The symptoms often escalate, and families split. Lack of self-care can escalate to major medical issues.

Treatment for Co-Dependency

Overcoming codependency requires professional help, and we are experts. The Recovery Village simultaneously treats co-occurring disorders, including those involving co-dependency and addiction. With locations across the United StatesThe Recovery Village provides a safe and secure environment for people to heal. Each treatment plan is catered to the patient’s specific needs. We can help identify codependent illness, and develop a treatment program that will address self-care, as well as co-occurring substance abuse, depression, or anxiety disorders. It doesn’t need to start with everyone else. The healing can begin with you

Reach out and ask for help. Call for a free assessment at  855.995.3311.

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