12 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

The holiday season can bring stress, anxiety and demanding social obligations. Find out 12 ways you can manage your holiday stress.

Lamar Odom Reveals Sex Addiction

Lamar Odom’s sex addiction led to drug use and an eventual overdose. The former NBA player is now on the path of recovery and is free from drugs.

Mental Health’s Impact on Life Expectancy

Poor mental health can shave decades off a person’s life. Learn more about mental health’s profound impact on life expectancy and how treatment can improve longevity.

Top Colleges for Mental Wellness

What colleges are best for your mental health? Find out the top ten college for mental health support and the services that they offer.

Anthony Bourdain’s Battle With Depression

Bourdain was a storied chef disguised as an everyman television host. He traveled the world, made friends wherever he went, made fans whenever he was on.

Coping With the Stress of Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday shopping can be stressful for many Americans, especially individuals with a mental health disorder. Learn how to combat the stress of Black Friday shopping.

Celebrities with Eating Disorders

Eating disorders don’t discriminate — even celebrities are affected by these difficult and sometimes life-threatening conditions.

The Criminalization of Mental Illness

Mental health conditions shouldn’t be treated as a crime, but statistics show a high percentage of prisoners with mental health conditions that are not being treated effectively.

WHO Classifies Gaming Addiction as a Disease

While the American Psychiatric Association has stopped short of classifying gaming addiction as a disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) has now done so. 

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month has begun. This year's theme centers on providing helpful resources for improving mental health. Read about the campaign and how you can help.

The Freshman Fifteen: 15 Steps to a Healthy You

Your freshman year at college is a big adjustment. Build your own healthy lifestyle a little bit each day by following these 15 steps for a healthy start to college…

Loneliness in America

The United States is experiencing a loneliness epidemic, as nearly half of Americans feel lonely or left out.

Top 10 Most Gambling-Addicted States

Do you live in one of the top 10 states with the highest levels of gambling addiction? See the states and learn more on this page.

Top Fears by State

Most people are afraid of something, but what are the biggest fears in each state? Learn what the top fears are in a state-by-state phobia list

Ketamine For Depression

Ketamine is a fast-acting antidepressant used for treatment-resistant depression. Learn about the use, side effects and benefits of ketamine for depression.