Speaker Info

Name: Stephanie Conn, MD
City: Portland, OR
Employer: Owner and Psychologist of First Responder Psychology


Dr. Stephanie Conn is a former police officer, as well as the daughter and wife of police officers, and is a Licensed Psychologist at her practice, First Responder Psychology, in Beaverton, Oregon, specializing in police stress, trauma, work-life balance, coping, and resilience. She supports first responder agencies with CISM, peer support, and mental health training. She began as a dispatcher/call-taker before becoming an officer and then earning her doctorate in Counseling Psychology. She has presented widely to emergency responders, sharing wisdom gained from her police experience, her research, and her therapy practice. She is the author of Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel.

Event Info

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Date: Thursday, April 4, 2019
Time: 8:00AM – 11:30PM PDT
Portland City Grill
111 Southwest 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204

Complimentary Food: Breakfast