Learn more about levels of care, therapeutic modalities and other treatment options available at The Recovery Village Columbus.

The Recovery Village Columbus connects clients in the Midwest and across the country to high-quality addiction treatment. With a full continuum of care, comprehensive therapy options and dedicated staff, the center offers a place of hope, healing and recovery for people living with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions.

Levels of Care

Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. For addiction treatment to be effective, it’s crucial that clients gradually build the coping skills needed for long-term sobriety. Treatment at The Recovery Village Columbus allows clients to steadily work through several levels of care, including medical detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment.

Medical Detox

Undergoing withdrawal symptoms without medical assistance can cause dangerous symptoms or lead to relapse. Medical detox provides clients with the best chance of staying safe and accountable to recovery goals during withdrawal. While detox typically lasts between five and ten days, the process can vary in length from person to person.


Clients in residential care live on-site at The Recovery Village Columbus. A full-time therapy schedule and continued support help foster healthy habits and coping skills that set the stage for recovery. Aside from medical detox, residential is the most intensive form of treatment offered at the center.

Partial Hospitalization

Following residential care, partial hospitalization is typically the next step in addiction recovery. Individuals participating in this level of treatment transition to off-site living or a sober living community. Added flexibility and fewer programming hours mean clients can participate in recreational therapy in addition to clinical work.

Intensive Outpatient

Once deemed clinically appropriate, intensive outpatient treatment offers a level of care that balances structure with autonomy. Most clients transition to off-site living but still have access to therapeutic amenities and can practice newfound stress management and communication strategies.

Treatment Therapies

Therapy is the cornerstone of most levels of care offered at The Recovery Village Columbus. Through individual, group, recreational, family and holistic therapy, clients build resilience, gain insight into their behavioral health struggles, and cultivate positive habits for long-term recovery.

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy, clients work one-on-one with counselors to evaluate past experiences, understand the foundations of addictive behaviors and commit to recovery.

Individual therapies that may be provided at The Recovery Village Columbus include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A form of psychotherapy that helps people recognize the thought patterns and emotions that drive certain behaviors
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: A specific subset of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches skills in managing painful emotions and dealing with conflict
  • EMDR Therapy: Another form of psychotherapy that allows people to process traumatic experiences and heal from emotional distress associated with those experiences

Group Therapy

Like individual therapy, group therapy helps clients gain insight into their addiction and mental health challenges. By hearing the experiences of others, those in recovery can feel less alone, bond with peers who understand and begin to work toward self-love and acceptance. Group therapy also serves as a space for clients to learn about a broad range of recovery-related topics, including the science of addiction, ways to process trauma, how to avoid codependency and working through relapse. Gender-specific groups help clients foster camaraderie and support while staying committed to recovery goals.

Group therapy at The Recovery Village Columbus may take place in a variety of formats, including:

  • 12-step groups
  • SMART Recovery
  • Skills groups
  • Experiential groups

Family Support & Therapy

Family can be an important source of support during and after professional treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. To help family members stay in contact with their loved one and understand how to best aid them in recovery, most levels of care at The Recovery Village Columbus involve weekly remote or in-person family therapy sessions.

Recreational & Holistic Therapies

Therapeutic programming is crucial to recovery. However, long-term sobriety also means finding new ways to cope, manage stress and find personal satisfaction outside of drug and alcohol use. That’s where recreational and holistic therapy come in. These activities help clients cultivate healthy hobbies that promote mental and physical wellness.

Recreational and holistic therapies offered at the center may include:

  • Yoga
  • Art therapy

Medication-Assisted Treatment

For rehab to be effective, it’s crucial that treatment incorporates a broad range of evidence-based techniques tailored to each client’s needs. In recent years, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) has grown in popularity for its effectiveness in alleviating withdrawal symptoms, curbing cravings and eliminating a substance’s ability to produce a high. However, because MAT isn’t right for every client, it is only administered when deemed clinically appropriate by medical staff.

Aftercare & Support

Ongoing clinical support is vital for long-term success in recovery. To help them receive continued care, clinicians work closely with clients to find local physicians, counselors and support groups. By locating this support network in advance, The Recovery Village Columbus helps create a safety net crucial for clients in the early stages of post-rehab recovery.

Recovery is closer than you think. If you or a loved one is ready to seek help for addiction, reach out to The Recovery Village Columbus today. Representatives are available seven days a week to answer your questions or begin the enrollment process.

Clinical Staff & Leadership Team

At The Recovery Village Columbus, compassionate and safe care is the top priority. Our team of physicians, clinicians, psychiatrists and nurses work together to create comprehensive treatment plans for each client. This work is overseen by our expert leadership team of mental health professionals who have dedicated their lives to treating addiction.

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