Making the decision to enter a treatment facility for addiction is a difficult choice.

Perhaps just as difficult is choosing the right rehab facility for you.

There are addiction treatment centers all around the country, making it relatively easy to find a program that’s close to home. However, it’s not uncommon to hear of people traveling to a different state to receive treatment.

While this may seem inconvenient – and expensive – there are many benefits in going to receive treatment. It may not be easy leaving your family and friends behind to overcome an addiction, but doing so could be vital to your long-term success.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and disadvantages of attending rehab away from home, and learn whether it’s worth the travel.

Benefits Of Rehab Away From Home

There are many reasons people go out of state to receive treatment for their addiction. One of the biggest reasons for attending rehab away from home is to remove yourself from your daily environment. By going somewhere new, you give yourself a safe environment that’s free of distractions.

Other benefits of rehab away from home include:

  • A chance to start over, giving you a better shot at recovery
  • A better shot at completing the program successfully
  • The option to choose a location or setting you find comforting/relaxing
  • More opportunities to find the right type of treatment program for your exact needs
  • The chance to disassociate from triggers, negative influences and the root of your addiction

Disadvantages Of Rehab Away From Home

Traveling out of state for rehab isn’t right for everyone. If you’re someone who heavily relies on the support of your family, being far away from home may do more harm than good. Also, it may be beneficial to integrate family or loved ones into the late stages of recovery. Even though Skype and other video conferencing options are available, there’s nothing like seeing family in person.

Another disadvantage of rehab away from home is insurance coverage. Sometimes, an insurance company will only pay for a limited number of addiction treatment options. If you have to choose between paying most of the expenses out of pocket or having insurance cover it, most people will choose a treatment option that’s covered by insurance.

However, it’s a common misconception that insurance only pays for in-state treatment programs. Some insurance plans will pay for out-of-state facilities. It’s important to call your insurance company ahead of time to check your insurance coverage based on your policy.

Is Rehab Worth The Travel?

No two people are alike, and each person has different needs when it comes to addiction treatment and rehab. It’s impossible to know which option is right for you until you sit down and discuss your personal preferences and needs.

Traveling for rehab is – in many cases – worth it, as it provides many benefits that you won’t get a treatment that’s close to home.

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