Lynn Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

Lynn, Massachusetts is situated just north of Boston, directly on the Atlantic Ocean. Lynn is the state’s ninth-biggest city, experiencing its first European settlement in the year 1629. By the beginning of the 20th century, the city had seen the shoemaker and tannery trades flourish and was hosting a massive influx of immigrants. That immigrant legacy is alive today, as Lynn is home to a large population made up of diverse nationalities, races and cultures.

Residents of and visitors to Lynn engage in recreation at the largest park in New England, encompassing 2,200 acres, called Lynn Woods Reservation. Lynn is home to numerous museums and galleries to view historic artifacts and contemporary artworks. Golf, shopping, and other attractions keep the community active and thriving.

There is another popular attraction in Lynn, but many people keep it quiet. That attraction is substance abuse, and it’s a growing concern in Lynn and throughout the nation. In Essex County, 1435 residents died due to opioid overdoses between the years 2000 and 2015. Nearly all those fatal overdose deaths were completely preventable, but many of the victims had no idea how to find help. Many of them may have felt ashamed or angry at themselves.

The misuse of substances is a common health problem. It is not a moral failing or a personal weakness. For many people caught up in drug misuse, there was never any mission to become a substance user. There may have been a prescription provided for an opioid pain killer. Because of the addictive nature of these kinds of painkillers, including hydrocodone and oxycodone, some people find themselves misusing these drugs after a short time. If a person’s opioid prescription is cut off after they’ve developed a dependence on the opioid, that person may resort to using street opioids including heroin to get by. Fortunately, there is help and recovery out there for you. Below are details for recovery programs and resources available to you, including Lynn drug treatment facilities and Lynn alcohol treatment facilities.

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Finding Help & Recovery in Lynn, MA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Lynn, Massachusetts

There are various options for drug rehab in Lynn, Massachusetts or alcohol rehab in Lynn, Massachusetts. When you enter rehab, you’re assessed by an expert team. They create a personal program for you to follow during your rehab period. The three types of rehab programs described below are generally offered by full-service programs.

Lynn Residential Treatment Programs

The residential treatment program involves an inpatient stay to help you recover from substance misuse. You live at the treatment center or facility full time as you work through your recovery plan. Residential treatment programs may last as short as a week or for months. You have medical supervision and support during your stay. Many residential treatment centers have additional amenities to help you relax and work on a healthier lifestyle. Your program in a private center is voluntary, so you may be able to go on short outings or have loved ones visit you, depending on the facility’s policies.

Lynn Partial Hospitalization Programs

You don’t live at the treatment center when you’re in a partial hospitalization program, but you do spend several hours per day there. Group counseling, educational sessions and meetings with health-care professionals make up your days. You can often use the facility’s amenities in your free time. The partial hospitalization plan is an appropriate follow-up therapy for residential treatment or for treating milder cases of substance misuse.

Lynn Outpatient Treatment Programs

As with partial hospitalization treatment, you don’t live at the facility when you’re in an outpatient rehab treatment plan. Outpatient treatment may include therapy, classwork and medical evaluations. This type of program can work well for people with moderate substance use disorders, people who have completed more intensive therapy programs and people who can’t take extended leaves from work, family or school. You only attend this program for a few days or hours a week, leaving your schedule open to still meet your other scheduling and life commitments.

Before choosing your rehab plan, it’s best to discuss your resources and goals with your family and health insurance carriers. You may discover there are resources and coverage available that you were not aware of previously. Your choice of programs should also mesh with your rehab needs and your responsibilities.

Lynn Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Before you begin your rehab program, your medical team may ask that you undergo detoxification, or detox. This is the process of physiologically or medically ridding your body of the drugs or alcohol you’ve misused. If your substance use disorder is longstanding, you may be prescribed medication to assist you as you withdraw from the drugs or alcohol in your system. Many facilities offer detox as a first step in their recovery programs. The withdrawal process may be painful, which is why it’s a good idea to have help along the way instead of attempting it on your own. Reach out to a Lynn drug detox program or a Lynn alcohol detox program to learn more.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Lynn

Since the 1930s, the primary recovery organizations you might recognize today have been forming and developing programs to help people with substance use issues throughout the world. The groups listed below are well-known and respected for the nonjudgmental fellowship and support they offer. Most recovery organizations in the Lynn area offer closed and open meetings. If you have an issue with drugs or alcohol, you’re welcome to attend any meeting. These meetings are also beneficial for anyone who has attended a Lynn drug rehab center or a Lynn alcohol rehab center. If you want to bring a friend or loved one along to a recovery meeting, you must attend an “open” meeting where all members of the public are invited to take part.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

One of the best-known recovery organizations, AA is firmly established as a 12-step program for people who have problems with alcohol misuse. In Massachusetts, you’ll find AA meetings for diverse people, so you can find a membership group that’s familiar and comfortable for you. LGBTQA and single-gender meetings are available, as are meetings for people who speak different languages. The lovely thing about AA is the way you can nearly always find a meeting to attend on holidays and weekends when you may be at your loneliest points.

First Church of Christ
678 Lynnfield St.
Lynn, MA 01904

St. Stephens Episcopal Church
74 South Common St.
Lynn, MA 01902

Senior Services
8 Silsbee St.
Lynn, MA 01902

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

NA is the second largest 12-step program in the world. The recovery organization is designed for people who have found themselves with a problem using drugs that they wish to stop misusing. There are no political or religious affiliations required or promoted. Anyone with a substance misuse issue is welcome to attend. However, the NA plan does advance the idea that there is a higher power that can help with your drug problems, and participation in the 12-step program asks that you submit your addiction to a higher power of your choosing.

First Church of the Nazarene
233 Eastern Ave
Lynn, MA 01902

Lynn Office Building
1 Market St.
Lynn, MA 01901

First Lutheran Church
280 Broadway
Lynn, MA 01904

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery stands for “self-management and recovery training.” This organization uses evidence-based information to help people with addictive and compulsive behaviors learn how to change their lives. You can learn how to use the “SMART Toolbox” methods, including motivational enhancement, cognitive behavior and rational emotive behavior therapy. The SMART Recovery program focuses on motivation, responding to urgent issues, problem solving and life balance.

NSMC Salem Hospital
81 Highland Ave.
Salem, MA 01970

Cambridge Health Alliance
391 Broadway
Everett, MA 02149

Malden Family Medicine
195 Canal St.
Malden, AM 02148

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Recovery meetings are available for people who care about their loved ones with substance use disorders, not just people who have addictions. There are many issues surrounding drug and alcohol misuse that affect husbands, wives, children and parents in negative ways. These loved ones may feel fear, disappointment, frustration and shame. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon and the people who attend understand those feelings and how to deal with them. These groups welcome you to share your ups and downs in a warm, welcoming environment. If your loved one is at a drug rehab center in Lynn, MA or an alcohol rehab center in Lynn, MA, consider joining a local group to help prepare you to support your loved one when they return hom.

Art Building of Lynn
25 Exchange St.
Lynn, MA 01901

McLean Hospital
115 Mill St.
Belmont, MA 02478

While there’s ample options for treatment at a drug rehab center in Lynn, MA or an alcohol rehab center in Lynn, MA, it’s perfectly fine to explore your options outside of the city in your neighboring towns and villages. You may even want to enroll in a rehab program in another state where you’ll be away from temptation or closer to supportive family members.