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Salem, Massachusetts sits on the northern shore of the state, less than an hour’s drive north from Boston. One of the earliest settlements in what would become America, Salem has a long maritime history, which is still prevalent in the town today. Salem is most famous for its 1692 witch trials Many points of interest related to this dark period dot the city and surrounding area. Salem has a huge tourist industry due to its historical points and coastal location. Residents enjoy the arts, dining opportunities and the architectural aspects of this beautiful town.

Something darker than any witch trial runs rampant through Salem today, however. Overdose deaths due to opioids rose to 19 in 2016, and authorities don’t foresee any slowdown in the immediate future. As opioid deaths continue to rise, it’s becoming apparent that more overdoses are due to the synthetic opiate, Fentanyl, rather than heroin. Drugs that are even more potent, such as Pink, are on the way as well, some already infiltrating other cities in New England.

There is hope, however, for those interested in substance misuse disorder recovery. Many drug treatment centers in Salem, MA are available to support those who need help in ending a substance abuse-driven life. Don’t delay; reach out to an addiction specialist today.

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IAFF Center of Excellence462 mi13400 Edgemeade Road Upper Marlboro MD 20772(301) 327-1955

The IAFF Center of Excellence does not operate in the state of Massachusetts. Our closest facility is in Maryland and can be seen in the map above.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

Massachusetts opioid overdose deaths
in 2016

Massachusetts is one of the states that has been hit the hardest by the opioid overdose epidemic. Essex county, where Salem is located accounted for 284 of the 2,069 overdoses in 2016. This tragic trend does not have to continue. Learn about the different drug rehab options available to you and start your personal journey to a better life.

Finding Help & Recovery in Salem, MA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Salem, Massachusetts

You don’t have to battle your addiction alone. There are several alcohol and drug rehab centers in the Salem, MA area available to help you today. Additionally, there are different types of centers geared toward differing levels of treatment, namely residential rehab programs, partial hospitalization programs and outpatient programs. An addiction specialist can help you determine which type of Salem drug treatment facility is appropriate for your situation.

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    Salem Residential Treatment Programs

    A hospital setting is best for those whose addictions are severe or for those who have struggled with addiction for quite a while. Also known as an inpatient drug rehab in Salem, MA, the immediate medical attention is especially valuable for those going through a drug detox treatment, as they may need medical support to ease the process. The hospital is also a haven so that those in recovery can relax and let their healing process unfold without fear. Professional counselors are also on hand to work with patients regarding the underlying psychological issues that may be barriers to successful recovery. Patients usually attend both individual and group sessions to explore their addictions and chart a path to a healthier lifestyle.

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    Salem Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Partial hospitalization offers those in recovery the same support as inpatient programs but with a bit more flexibility to accommodate their outside lives. Patients have full medical support and are required to attend sessions with counselors to work on the emotional and psychological aspects of recovery. Partial hospitalization patients may return home in the evenings for family support and to rest in familiar surroundings.

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    Salem Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Outpatient drug rehab programs in Salem, MA offer the most flexibility of any treatment option. Patients must attend several sessions during the day at the treatment center but may return home or to another safe environment to sleep at night. Sometimes treatment centers have dorm facilities available to those in outpatient programs. This level of drug and alcohol treatment in Salem allows patients to tend to home and work issues while still receiving critical support during the day. This option is best for those whose addictions are not severe or who haven’t been addicted very long. Outpatient treatment often follows hospitalization as those in recovery progress on their journey.

So, how do you choose the best Salem drug treatment facility for you? Consider all the facts about your own situation such as the severity of your addiction. How long have you been addicted? What type of treatment does your insurance cover? If you need medical detox, that will point you toward an inpatient drug rehab in Salem, MA.

Salem Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

As uncomfortable as it can be, drug detox is a critical first step toward a successful recovery from substance misuse disorder. It’s important to remove offending substances from your body so that the appropriate treatment efforts can begin. Usually, those in recovery will also need additional treatment at the drug rehab center in Salem, MA to help them understand the psychological and emotional components of addiction so they’re better able to avoid potential relapses in the future.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Salem

As uncomfortable as it can be, drug detox is a critical first step toward a successful recovery from substance misuse disorder. It’s important to remove offending substances from your body so that the appropriate treatment efforts can begin. Usually, those in recovery will also need additional treatment at the drug rehab center in Salem, MA to help them understand the psychological and emotional components of addiction so they’re better able to avoid potential relapses in the future.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Most people in the world are familiar with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and for good reason. AA has supported those struggling with alcohol addiction since the group started in 1935. The 12-Step Program advances the thinking that those in recovery should call on a higher power for support on their journey. It also encourages peer support, especially in times of potential relapse. Members must commit to an alcohol-free lifestyle. Membership is always free to those needing encouragement and support.

  • Beverly Bank Where:
    73 Lafayette St. Salem, MA 01970
  • First Universalist Church Where:
    211 Bridge St. Salem, MA 01970
  • Lifebridge Shelter Where:
    56 Margin St. Salem, MA 01970

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Like its counterpart, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) supports those seeking help from the grip of addiction to drugs. This international organization encourages those in recovery to seek support from their peers while they follow the 12-Step Program to sobriety. Membership is free and members need only agree to stop using drugs as a requirement of membership.

  • Mission Where: 56 Margin St. Salem, MA 01970
  • St. James Church Where: 161 Federal St. Salem, MA 01970
  • St. Anne’s School Where: 9 Cleveland St. Salem, MA 01970

SMART Recovery Meetings

Some people are interested in more control over their recovery efforts and prefer the methods of the SMART Recovery organization. SMART Recovery relies on the self-empowerment of members who tap into scientific principles of addiction and recovery. The group is open to anyone with any type of addiction, whether it’s drugs, sex, alcohol or gambling.

  • Lifebridge Smart Start Where:
    56 Margin St. Salem, MA 01970
  • NSMC Salem Hospital Where:
    81 Highland Ave. Salem, MA 01970
  • Recovery Centers of America Where:
    75 Lindall St. Danvers, MA 01923

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

You may think that nobody knows how hard it’s been watching someone you love struggle in the grip of an addiction. You no longer have to face your situation alone. When you attend an Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meeting, you’ll get invaluable advice for managing this challenging time. In addition, you’ll meet others who know some of your pain and are willing to support you.

  • Al-Anon Where:
    First Universalist Church 211 Bridge St. Salem, MA 01970
  • Nar-Anon Where:
    Hope and Support for Families in Crisis 93 North St. Salem, MA 01970

You’re doing the right thing by seeking freedom from addiction. Every day spent under addiction’s control is another day further from full recovery. There are many options for drug treatment in Salem. However, you may want to consider locations outside of the city. For some, there is value in pursuing treatment in another city or even another state. If your home life is full of nothing but triggers that lead to misuse, then a stay away from home may be just what you need. With this additional information, it’s understandable that choosing a drug rehab facility can be confusing.

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