Fall River Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Detox & Treatment Resources

Fall River, Massachusetts rests on the shore of Mount Hope Bay and at the beginning of the Taunton River. It’s affectionately called “The Spindle City” due to its history in the textile industry in the early 1900s. Due to its coastline location, Fall River also boasts the largest collection of World War II naval battleships in the country.

Fall River faces a different kind of battle in this century, the struggle with opioid overdoses from both legal prescription painkillers like Vicodin and OxyContin and illegal, street drugs that are much stronger such as heroin and illegally manufactured Fentanyl. The amount of people succumbing to overdoses has consistently risen since 2012. If that trend continues, as experts predict it will, there will be more than 1,000 overdoses in 2017 with 100 of those fatal. Fall River struggles with opioid addictions, especially heroin, due to its coastal location that makes it a hub for drug distribution in the city and extended area.

The addiction scene in Fall River definitely needs attention, but that’s no reason to give up hope. There are many drug rehab centers. You can also seek treatment with a national network of substance misuse rehab facilities.

Our Closest Facility:
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The Recovery Village Cherry Hill at Cooper Drug & Alcohol Rehab
761 Cuthbert Boulevard Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
The IAFF Center of Excellence does not operate in the state of Massachusetts. Our closest facility is in Maryland and can be seen in the map above.

Finding Help & Recovery in Fall River, MA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Fall River, Massachusetts

No matter what your personal situation, there is the perfect treatment program option for you. residential rehab centers works best for some while partial hospitalization and outpatient programs have more flexibility to suit others. Anyone in recovery will first enter a Fall River drug detox and then progress to the appropriate treatment facility based on his or her needs. Understanding the different program options will help guide you toward making the most appropriate choice.

Fall River Residential Treatment Programs

An inpatient drug rehab in Fall River, MA requires full hospitalization for a time while the person in recovery works through detox and initial treatment. While in the hospital, patients have access to 24-hour-a-day medical treatment as well as professional counseling sessions. Both individual and group sessions will help patients work through addiction issues and any factors that might perpetuate a relapse or hinder success in any way. The holistic approach to substance misuse in an inpatient rehab in Fall River, MA will fully support anyone in recovery.

Fall River Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs are great for those who have completed a Fall River drug rehab or need some flexibility during the treatment regimen. Patients have 24/7 access to medical care, which is important, especially the detox process when the urge to use again can be very strong. Counseling with qualified professionals helps to round out the treatment so that patients have the opportunity to explore issues that may be preventing them from making substance-free choices. During a partial hospitalization program, patients may opt to spend their evenings at home or in another safe place for the duration of treatment.

Fall River Outpatient Treatment Programs

Those whose addictions are not as extreme are usually good candidates for outpatient rehab. Outpatient also works for those who’ve completed other, more comprehensive treatment and can transition to less intense work. Therapeutic sessions are required during the day but patients may choose to spend their evenings at home. This additional flexibility is attractive to those who need some structured support but have outside obligations or commitments they have to meet for family or employment issues.

Making the decision to enter a drug rehab center brings with it many questions. How do I know what type of facility would work for me? How do I know if I can afford treatment? It’s a good idea to be honest with yourself about the extent of your addiction before reaching out to a drug treatment facility. You would also benefit from checking your healthcare policy to learn what type of treatment it covers in your situation.

Fall River Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Fall River drug detox centers have a hospital-like setting so that you have the benefit of medical help to smooth the transition process. Medical experts are also on hand during the detox process, should the urge to use become too powerful and threaten the success of your recovery. Even though detox can be challenging, it is critical to rid your body of toxic substances in order for further treatment to take hold. After completing a drug detox, consider continuing with inpatient care or a partial hospitalization if you have a strong support network to reduce the chances of a relapse.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Fall River

Many addiction experts know the benefit of regular attendance at recovery meetings for the physical and emotional support they provide. Those in recovery receive real-world tactics for managing sobriety while finding peer support from others experiencing recovery challenges.

AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Probably the most recognizable recovery meeting organization is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), established in 1935. Since then, the group has grown to support thousands of people in recovery through its 12-Step Program, promoting the benefit of a higher power in the recovery process. Members also benefit from the dedicated peer support program that provides individuals with help when their sobriety is in danger in any way. Membership is free and members need only commit to living without drinking alcohol.

Fall River Community Development Recreation
72 Bank St.
Fall River, MA 02720

Bristol Community College
777 Elsbree St.
Fall River, MA 02720

Corrigan Mental Health Center
49 Hillside St.
Fall River, MA 02720

NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous is similar to the Alcoholics Anonymous organization in that it, too, works on the principles of a 12-Step Program to help those in recovery reach sobriety one day at a time. The group has helped thousands of drug addicts since its establishment in 1953, and its membership continually grows.

Catholic Social Services
1600 Bay St.
Fall River, MA 02724

First Baptist Church
228 N Main St.
Fall River, MA 02721

Fr. D’s Community Center
220 Johnson St.
Fall River, MA 02723

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery Meetings

One of the more recent recovery support organizations is SMART Recovery, a global enterprise that works on the self-empowerment of members to guide their own recovery process. Members receive scientific information related to addiction so that they are equipped to conquer their addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and more. Member meetings occur both online and locally.

High Point Treatment Center
4 Post Office Sq.
Taunton, MA 02780

Butler Hospital
345 Blackstone Blvd.
Providence, RI 02906

Anchor Recovery Community Center
249 Main St.
Pawtucket, RI 02860

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Can anyone understand the pain you experience while watching someone you love being destroyed by addiction? No one can know your personal agony, but there are compassionate, caring professionals at Al-Anon and Nar-Anon who provide you with practical advice and lend emotional support. In addition, you’ll meet others who are living similar nightmares of caring for someone caught in the grip of addiction. Connect with one of these groups today.

Saint Anne’s Hospital
795 Middle St.
Fall River, MA 02721

Unitarian Church
1 Benevolent St.
Providence, RI 02906

There are many fine drug and alcohol rehab centers in Fall River, MA for those looking for recovery options. However, sometimes it’s best to seek treatment out of town, removed from destructive habits and familiar patterns that could inhibit a full recovery.