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Statesboro city is a progressive community that provides quality of life to its 28,422 residents as well as hospitality and southern charm to its visitors. Located in the Southeastern part of Georgia, the city serves as the county seat of Bulloch County. The metropolitan was established in 1803 by an act of the Georgia legislature and has an economy characterized by a growing industrial base, expanding retail activity, a growing university, a regional medical center and an ever-expanding array of amenities. The regional economic hub lies ten miles off Interstate 16 and offers a variety of vocational and educational opportunities providing a competitive edge for a strong workforce.

Alongside its positive attributes, the city is also victim to a drug problem that has caused fatalities in many cities in the United States. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that a reported 21.5 million adults are struggling with substance misuse disorder. The drug problem is also affecting millions of friends, siblings, spouses and other close associates of alcohol and drug dependent individuals, making it a national problem. Among the commonly misused drugs are cocaineheroin, prescription painkillers and marijuana.

The community’s handling of substance use disorder patients is wanting. When interviewed, most of those struggling with substance use disorder describe stigma as their major hindrance towards reaching out. Substance dependency can affect almost anyone; hence, it should be treated just like any other illness. Luckily, there are several drug treatment options. If you or a friend is struggling with substance use disorder, do not hesitate to make that life-changing call.

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

Georgia overdose deaths
in 2015

The country has experienced an increase in overdose fatalities. These numbers give a hint of the untold stories of those who require assistance with their substance use disorder conditions.

Finding Help & Recovery in Statesboro, GA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Statesboro, Georgia

Your choice of the right alcohol and drug treatment facility majorly relies on your needs and preferences. Each treatment facility may be slightly different, but they serve the same purpose: helping you understand your drug problem and take the appropriate steps in recovering from the same. The treatment centers offer a great opportunity for you to learn about yourself and the particular drug as well as its impact on your life. By choosing to seek help, you have made an excellent decision since some of these substances may have adverse effects on your health. The structure provided by drug rehabs may help you regain control of your life.

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    Statesboro Residential Treatment Programs

    Inpatient drug rehabs are the best option for those in need of the highest level of care. In this program, you will reside in the accommodation provided by the treatment center, which means you will be able to access the available resources at any time of the day. There will always be someone to attend to you whenever you have a hard time for whatever reason. Most of the time, the people in drug treatment facilities are either in their final stages of detoxification or have just completed a drug detox program. The residential rehab is characterized by a structured day that addresses your needs in a healthy way through individual, group, and family therapies.

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    Statesboro Partial Hospitalization Programs

    After you are done with a residential drug rehab, you may need to enroll in a partial hospitalization program. The programs serve as an appropriate transition between residential treatment and outpatient drug rehabs. It is, therefore, a great option if you need a high level of structure that provides the flexibility to reside at home. Reintegrating into your regular drug free life comes with its ups and downs, therefore, it is important that you maintain structure and have a home that provides a stable and safe environment. The programs allow you to remain accountable and carry out check-ins regularly for your progress to be monitored by professionals.

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    Statesboro Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Understandably, you may encounter new obstacles when getting back to the real world. Therefore, it is necessary to find a constant network of support as you reintegrate to your normal livelihood. Drug rehab programs offer you the opportunity to remain connected with the network of support that you have cultivated during your drug and alcohol treatment. Whether it’s individual, group or family therapy, regularly checking in may be helpful in improving your likelihood of maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. The programs will equip you with the essential self-awareness tools to stay on the right track.

The choice of a particular drug treatment program depends on factors such as the form of substance dependence, your addiction history and the cost of the respective treatment programs. Most people consider drug rehab centers with a national network of certified treatment facilities.

Statesboro Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Detoxification helps in the eradication of the substances that may have accumulated in your system over the whole addiction period. The period is characterized by withdrawal symptoms, which may be dangerous especially if you are carrying out detox by yourself. Therefore, it is advisable that you go through the detox process under the supervision of a medical professional. Not only will the professional monitor your condition, but they will also provide medication for any unexpected reactions that may come up.

While the detox process may be an essential part of your recovery, many drug detox centers may lack the necessary treatment programs to accompany the process. Detoxification is just the first step, and additional treatment may be necessary.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Statesboro

The philosophy of recovery meetings assumes that substance dependence is a lifelong process of control. Therefore, there may be associated challenges during recovery that may prompt the need for a solid support network. This is where recovery meetings come in. The meetings provide a regular safe space for you to meet peers with whom you share a common goal. AA, NA and SMART Recovery meetings take place across the nation. The ideal members of each meeting may vary, but the objective of ensuring members live a drug-free life is universal.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

AA is a program that is open to anyone looking to begin their journey on the road to complete recovery from alcohol dependence. The meetings are held in numerous locations across the world and help people make amends with themselves and others while having constant structure. The fellowship uses a 12-step program that is spiritually centered but does not incline towards a particular denomination. Associating with peers who understand your condition may be essential towards your journey to full recovery. AA meetings are held in the following locations.

  • The Warehouse
    6 E Cherry St.
    Statesboro, GA 30458
  • The Fork
    411 Northside Dr. East
    Statesboro, GA 30458
  • Wimberly House
    510 Liberty St.
    Waynesboro, GA 30830

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

NA was established to address drug dependent patients who require similar support to that provided by AA. The program is also spiritually based and operates in a similar fashion to alcoholics anonymous in many ways. NA forums apply the 12-step program and may assist a patient with narcotics misuse disorder to find a supportive network of peers. The fellowship also equips patients with the necessary knowledge on how to attain long-life freedom from narcotics. NA meetings are held in the following locations.

  • Food Bank Building
    400 Donnie Simmons Wy.
    Statesboro, GA 30458-7458
  • Little Red House
    139 East Parrish St.
    Statesboro, GA 30458-7458
  • Swainsboro AA Building
    699 Kite Rd.
    Swainsboro, GA 30401

SMART Recovery Meetings

For substance use disorder patients who are not comfortable with the concept of spirituality, SMART Recovery meetings can be a great alternative. Instead of the conventional 12-step programs, the fellowship uses a four-point approach as the ideal way of attaining a patient’s sobriety goals. The four tenets emphasize on self-initiated recovery techniques that focus on self-sufficiency to overcome daily temptations. The meetings are held in the following locations.

  • Foundations Atlanta at Midtown
    1708 Peachtree St. Northwest
    Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Care and Counseling Center of Georgia
    1814 Clairmont Rd.
    Decatur, GA 30033

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Even though they aren’t directly affected; the close associates of substance use disorder patients also encounter challenges. These loved ones require support from peers who acknowledge their struggles and experiences. Nar-Anon and Al-Anon meetings are the best forums to address these struggles and they use a modified 12-step program. The meetings are conducted in the addresses below.

  • Al-Anon
    First Presbyterian Church
    520 Washington Ave.
    Savannah, GA 31405
  • Nar-Anon
    Holy Hands Chapel
    1637 Maryland Dr.
    Albany, GA 31707

Anyone keen on privacy during recovery may consider a residential rehab outside their local area. The cities below provide additional options for treatment resources.

Local Communities Near Statesboro, GA Served

  • 30458
  • 30459
  • 30460
  • 30461

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