Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Longmont, Colorado

Marriage and family counseling may be more well known as a tool to help relationship problems, but it can also provide an important complement to therapy and treatment for mental health and behavioral health disorders.

Marriage and family therapy in Longmont often address issues such as:

  • Conflict between spouses or between parents and children
  • Sexual dysfunction or intimacy problems
  • Grief or emotional distress
  • Eldercare issues
  • Body image problems, weight issues, or eating disorders

If one or more members of the family are dealing with mental health issues or are in need of substance abuse treatment in Longmont, family therapy can also address these issues and their impact on everyone in the family.

It is common to attend individual therapy as a component of the relationship counseling that takes place in marriage and family therapy. Most initial sessions for marriage counseling in Longmont focus on the foundation of the relationship. The therapist will gather data about the couple and/or family, including the relationship dynamic and the central issue or issues that led to seeking out therapy.

During the first few sessions, couples and families also have the opportunity to determine the goals of therapy and express their preferences for how sessions will progress, including any rules or guidelines to follow to minimize disruption and conflicts during sessions.

Marriage Counseling in Longmont, Colorado

Marriage counseling in Longmont has been shown to be effective in treating and helping many different emotional, mental, and behavioral problems, such as depression, addiction, and anxiety. Additionally, marriage therapy can help to improve relationships outside of the marriage, including that with family members, co-workers, and friends. Studies have also shown that marriage and family therapy programs benefit productivity at work as well as emotional and physical health.

Although the goals of marriage counseling generally focus on the relationship, such as improving communication, enhancing intimacy and learning conflict resolution skills, the individuals are expected to also look inward and address areas where they may need to improve.

Longmont Marriage Therapy

Although every therapist has a unique way of providing marriage therapy, it generally will incorporate learning healthier communication and problem-solving methods to not only address the current issues harming the relationship but also strengthen the marriage to be better able to handle problems down the road.

It is important that both partners are dedicated to the process; otherwise, the therapy will not be effective. During sessions, a marriage counselor in Longmont will remain neutral and provide both partners a chance to talk without interruption. As sessions progress, the couple will learn to listen to one another for enhanced communication.

Most marriage therapy programs take place on a weekly basis, but the schedule and intensity may differ depending on the goals of the couple and other factors of the situation. Most therapists will also incorporate at least a few individual therapy sessions, but some may only do this upon request.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

There are many choices for marriage counseling in Longmont. In addition to looking for a therapist with the right credentials and experience, it is also important to find someone with whom both partners feel comfortable. A few factors to consider include:

  • Do both partners feel heard?
  • Is the therapist empathetic and compassionate?
  • Does the therapy session feel structured?
  • Does each person have time to talk without interruption?
  • Does the therapist offer the type of services needed?

Additionally, couples will need to find someone that fits within their budget while also being accessible for regular sessions. Some couples find that online marriage counseling better fits their lifestyle.

Family Therapy Longmont, CO

The way in which you were brought up significantly impacts who you become as an adult. In some situations, a dysfunctional family history may lead to an inability to hold healthy relationships as an adult. Other times, conflicts or major crises may negatively impact a family, leading to issues difficult to resolve that may impact your emotional, mental and physical health.

Family counseling in Longmont provides a way to address problems and conflicts due to or impacting the relationship between family members. Family therapy not only helps to heal the family, but it can also help you to have healthier relationships outside of the family.

Longmont Family Counseling

Structural family therapy provides a space for families to work together to address central issues. This may include when one or more members struggle with a behavioral or mental health disorder, such as addiction, depression, or anxiety. The effects from these disorders often impact the rest of the family, and family counseling provides a way to address the fallout of the disorder and create a healthier living situation.

During Longmont family therapy sessions, family members learn healthier communication methods. The central issues are addressed, and everyone has a chance to express feelings and share the ways in which the issues have impacted his or her own life.

Additionally, family therapists in Longmont educate family members on healthier coping mechanisms, problem-solving methods, and crisis management. Strategic family therapy utilizes methods from cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment modalities to help families heal. This may be from a mental or emotional disorder, a major transition, a death in the family, or other problems that arise.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Family counseling services are offered in a variety of locations, including at a family counseling center. When searching for family counseling in Longmont, start with the following resources:

  • Internet search: You can always start with a search for Longmont family therapy to see the therapists near you. Take some time to review the online reviews to get a feel for the therapist.
  • Physician: Your physician or another healthcare practitioner likely knows a family therapist who can help you address the issues you and your family face.
  • Insurance coverage: Many insurance plans cover mental health, including family counseling in Longmont. Look to your insurance provider for in-network options.
  • Word of mouth: If you feel comfortable doing so, ask around your social network to see if anyone recommends a family therapist.

When your marriage and family face problems that seem insurmountable, you do not have to face it alone. Working with a professional in marriage and family counseling can be the first step toward true healing. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to discuss counseling and therapy options in the Longmont area.