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Arvada, Colorado started out as a Gold Rush town and now sits just northwest of the bustling city of Denver. With just over 100,000 residents, Arvada is a pleasant community that offers plenty of educational, cultural and recreational opportunities to visitors and the people who live there year-round, The Olde Town Arvada shopping area makes for a fun excursion, while the Apex Park and Recreation District offers ample opportunities to stay active. People who are into the arts flock to the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, which holds classes and events from theater performances to gallery exhibits.

Arvada has its positives, but many of Arvada’s residents are struggling with a substance abuse issue and don’t know how to seek help. While prescription opioids have been heavily prescribed for pain and post-surgical discomfort, many people have found themselves misusing these substances and not understanding why. The fact is, drugs including opiates, act on the brains of some people. These substances cause some people to want more and more of the drug. If a painkiller prescription is denied to these people, they may seek street drugs and more dangerous drugs like heroin to meet their addictive needs.

While the law may see these poor choices as moral failings, recovery centers understand that substance misuse is a health care issue. There’s no need for shame or punishment. There’s every need for compassionate, ethical recovery programs to educate people about addictive substances and help them find a way out of their substance use disorders. Whether the substance is a pill or alcohol, there’s help available at treatment facilities and centers throughout Colorado. You don’t have to worry about how you might deal with this issue. People all over Arvada, from every neighborhood you know, have had issues with substances, too. This guide explains some of the available alcohol and drug treatment in Colorado and Arvada.

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

Colorado heroin and cocaine
in 2016

Heroin and cocaine overdose deaths took 290 Coloradans in 2016, but this is a trend that can be reversed. You don’t have to be the next statistic. Call The Recovery Village to find professional, compassionate help with your substance use issues at Arvada drug rehab centers.

Finding Help & Recovery in Arvada, CO

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Arvada, Colorado

Your recovery process is similar to the recovery of other people, but your recovery process is also uniquely your own. Only you can decide which type of rehab plan available in Arvada can fit best with your life and resources. However, recovery specialists provide targeted guidance to you as you make your choices. Experts in recovery know which plans have the best outcomes for people with your particular history and challenges. Speak to an intake specialist at The Recovery Village to learn more about the drug rehab centers in Arvada, CO described below.

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    Arvada Residential Treatment Programs

    In a residential treatment program, you’re an inpatient/guest at the facility on a voluntary basis. You eat, sleep and work on your recovery schedule at the treatment center. The inpatient drug rehab in Arvada, CO is ideal for people who dream of getting away from their everyday lives and immersing themselves in the healing process that can occur during recovery. Having the serenity and seclusion to work on your issues away from normal stresses and influences can make a big difference in how some people respond to their treatment plans and therapy.

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    Arvada Partial Hospitalization Programs

    The partial hospitalization program is a hybrid of inpatient and outpatient treatment plans. You spend most of your day at the recovery facility in a structured program of activities and therapy. You can eat and use the amenities of the facility. When your day’s schedule is done, you can return to your home or sober space to see family and sleep in your bed. The partial hospitalization plan helps people on a budget and people who dislike sleeping away from their own homes. With this type of Arvada alcohol rehab center, you get the benefit of a full-time program by day and the benefit of your own safe space.

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    Arvada Outpatient Treatment Programs

    If you decide to go to an outpatient program, you check in daily or weekly with the treatment facility. You’ll have a schedule of mandatory checkups, tests, classes and therapy. The total time requirements are less strict than those in the partial hospitalization or residential treatment plans. This means you may be able to continue with work and school while you work toward recovery. If you have dependents and responsibilities you can’t let go right now, an outpatient drug rehab in Arvada, CO may work for you.

If possible, discuss your rehab desires with your human resources department at work or your health insurance representative. There may be a generous program of rehab coverage in your work, school or union policy. When you know which type of coverage you have, you can make a more informed choice in selecting a drug or alcohol rehab center in Arvada, CO. Most intake specialists — like those at The Recovery Village — are happy to contact insurance providers for you to help you pre-qualify for rehab and detox programs.

Arvada Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Almost everyone who enters rehab is expected to be free of the substance or substances that they’ve misused. This involves a period of not taking any more of the substance and allowing what remains in your system to be flushed out through normal bodily function. Some people have a very difficult time with this stage of recovery because symptoms can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are professional Arvada drug detox and Arvada alcohol detox programs that allow you to be medically monitored and assisted during this withdrawal phase. Contact The Recovery Village to get answers to any questions you may have about supervised detox programs.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Arvada

It’s hard to reach out to others, but it can be so good for your recovery when you do. The best part about meeting with others is learning that many people are going through the same struggles as you are. Not feeling so alone can help you break through a lot of the shame and isolation that might be holding you back. Recovery meetings are ideal places to find the human connection you seek during your drug or alcohol treatment in Arvada. No one will judge you for your substance misuse at a closed meeting, because everyone else in attendance has the same issue. You learn tips and techniques to help you through the rough patches. You have a group that has your back — by celebrating your sober milestones and understanding how hard you work to achieve each one.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

This trusted recovery organization has been helping people since the 1930s, all over America and the world. AA meetings are held to give members an uplifting, accepting place to share their journeys of recovery. There are no mandatory dues or dress codes that you might see in Arvada alcohol treatment facilities. You can choose to attend meetings in different languages and for different segments of the population. Some people might feel more comfortable in an all-veterans meeting or a LGBQTA-focused meeting. There’s a lot of diversity in the meeting types, so you can attend several group events to find the one that clicks with you best.

  • Lion’s Club
    5725 Teller St.
    Arvada, CO 80002
  • College Drive
    13810 West 85th Dr.
    Arvada, CO 80005
  • King of Glory Lutheran Church
    10001 West 58th Ave.
    Arvada, CO 80002

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Members of NA meet regularly to support one another as they choose to give up drugs. Members have all had problems with drugs in the past. In meetings, they share how they’ve overcome their cravings and fears. New members share their first steps and stumbles toward recovery. No one judges, but everyone welcomes you to join the 12-step plan and keep attending meetings. On sad days and special occasions, a meeting can help raise your spirits and defeat boredom and apathy.

  • United Methodist Church
    6750 Carr St.
    Arvada, CO 80004
  • West Pines Administration Bldg.
    3400 Lutheran Pkwy.
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
  • Westminster United Methodist Church
    3585 West 76th Ave.
    Westminster, CO 80030

SMART Recovery Meetings

Do you want to learn more about substance use disorders and addiction in general? Many people are curious about the science behind their alcohol and drug misuse. The SMART Recovery organization is devoted to discovering the latest research and techniques to help people recover from all sorts of use disorders. Meeting sites are growing around the country and offer members a four-point plan to aid in recovery and wholeness. You need not believe in a “higher power” to belong to this group or work its program.

  • Global Goods & Coffee Shop
    5613 Old Wadsworth Blvd.
    Arvada, CO 80002
  • IHOP
    5280 Wadsworth Byp.
    Arvada, CO 80002
  • CeDar
    1693 Quentin St.
    Aurora. CO 80045

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Do you love someone with a substance use disorder? Many people struggle as they watch a spouse, parent or child try to manage an alcohol or drug problem. If you need a place to share your frustrations and fears, Al-Anon and Nar-Anon can be good choices. These organizations offer meetings throughout the United States to help people just like you. You receive vital support, education and fellowship to help you through the good and bad times.

  • Al-Anon
    Spirit of Christ Catholic Community
    7400 W 80th Ave.
    Arvada CO 80003
  • Nar-Anon
    Friday Nite NFG, West Pines
    3400 Lutheran Pkwy.
    Wheat Ride, CO 80033

Neighboring towns and villages may have the resources you seek to aid in your recovery efforts. Check out the possibilities in nearby cities if you don’t find what you need in an Arvada drug rehab. The Recovery Village offers many facilities with rehab and detox options around the nation, so you can choose the location that works best for you.

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