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Addiction is a disease that affects many families in the Brighton, Colorado area. From someone who misuses substances who is in a wealth of pain and turmoil to the families who constantly worry about their loved ones, addiction touches the lives of many people. With these issues in mind, it’s important to note the Brighton alcohol rehab and Brighton drug rehab options.

While alcohol, cocaine and other designer drugs have been a problem for years and remain one, of the biggest problems facing the Brighton, Colorado area, opioid addiction tops the list. What so innocently starts out as a broken bone or a hurt back has the ability to turn into a painful addiction. Many times, those hooked on prescription opiates turn to heavier street opiates, such as heroin.

Even though Brighton had one of the largest heroin busts in Colorado history in 2015, the misuse of heroin and prescription drugs is still a pervasive problem. The Denver Post reported that prescription opioid deaths dropped by 6 percent in 2016; however, heroin overdose deaths are expected to rise as much as 23 percent in 2017. Recovery is possible, and overdose doesn’t have to happen. With the proper treatment, anyone of any age, race or gender can recover from opiate or other addictions and have happy, joyous and free lives.

There are several options for Brighton drug treatment facilities and Brighton alcohol treatment facilities. Depending on the type of drug of misuse, a patient seeking help can get near-immediate treatment with the proper resources at hand. While Colorado has recently been in the news because of marijuana legalization, it also stands out as a top state for use and abuse of toxic substances.

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Finding Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Brighton, Colorado

Brighton, Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado: Resources for Recovery Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Centers

Brighton drug rehab centers and Brighton alcohol rehab centers provide individuals who have substance use disorders with treatment that can set them on a path toward a healthier lifestyle. These programs vary in intensity, structure, duration and location. Taking the time to research the best treatment program is a necessity. Choosing the right program that meets your needs affects the level of overall success you experience with your recovery.

Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment programs allow individuals who have substance misuse disorders the opportunity to gain professional assistance for their addiction. These programs begin with the detoxification process, giving you professional health monitoring while your body rids itself of the chemicals it has become dependent on. These programs require you to stay at the treatment facility and utilize elements such as nutritional meal prepping, exercise, meditation and support systems to provide you with positive response methods for triggers of your addiction.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs have a similar design to that of residential treatment programs. Individuals that struggle with drug and alcohol use disorders gain professional assistance to help them lead a healthier lifestyle free of the substances they depend on. Where residential treatment programs require you to stay at the treatment facility, partial hospitalization programs don’t require you to live on the same site as the clinics in which you receive treatment. Instead, you return home after your day in the program. The independence allows individuals to gain control over triggers for their addiction throughout the treatment process.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient treatment programs utilize a combination individual and group therapy to address the needs of individuals that have substance misuse disorders. These treatment programs are even more liberal than PHPs and allow you to maintain regular daily schedules for work, education and family responsibilities. You schedule specific times to check in throughout the week rather than spend the majority of your day at the facility. The structure of outpatient treatment programs requires you handle the triggers of addiction on your own because you not removed from the environments in which you began your substance misuse. Outpatient programs are great for people whose addictions are less severe or for people who have gone through an inpatient program or PHP.

Different people will resonate best with different substance misuse treatment programs. With the serious nature of freeing yourself from substance misuse, you owe it to yourself to take the time to research each of your options. Your best option may be to attend a drug rehab center in Brighton. Otherwise, there are circumstances in which attending a distance-based facility for substance misuse disorders can be the most beneficial.

Detox Centers

When you or a loved one is struggling with substance misuse, the first step is always the hardest. Never try to rid your body of the chemicals it has depended on by yourself. Professionals at detox centers in and near Brighton have the training to monitor your health when going through the drug detoxification process. They have the knowledge and resources to lessen the effects of intense detox symptoms.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Finding recovery meetings in your area is an important part of recovery. Whether you start the meeting process before detoxification or rehabilitation, or you start it immediately after, you’ll find that it helps your healing and recovery. Many folks have been sober for years with the help of groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. You’ll find there are many types of meetings; there is bound to be one that speaks to you. Part of what helps AA and NA work so well is the concentration on the underlying factors that contributed to your addiction. Living a happy life means eliminating some of the factors that led to your addiction in the first place. You’ll find meetings a warm, caring place where you can relate to people’s personal experiences.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

In 1935, Bill Wilson and “Dr. Bob” founded Alcoholics Anonymous, a 12-step method to help alcoholics get and stay sober. Depending on each other’s experiences, a sponsor typically takes newly sober alcoholics through the 12 steps. Over the years, this has proven to be an effective and simple method. AA is now worldwide, with meetings throughout the United States and around the world. If you’ve attended an alcohol rehab center in Brighton, CO, consider your local AA meetings for lifelong support.

Brighton #1
147 S. 2nd Pl.
Brighton, CO 80601

Platte Valley Medical Center
1750 E. Egbert St.
Brighton, CO 80601

Christ Community Church
8085 East Hampden Ave.
Denver, CO 80231

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Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

The first Narcotics Anonymous meeting occurred in 1953. A complement to AA’s 12 steps, NA uses the same principles, but was founded to help drug addicts find a better way when their addictions become too much. While NA is not as worldwide as AA, you’ll still find NA meetings in nearly every city, with help just a phone call away. There are also several other types of meetings similar to NA for specific drugs, such as Cocaine Anonymous.

Platte Valley Medical Center
1750 E. Egbert St.
Brighton, CO 80601

Vail Bible Church
39209 US Hwy. 6
Avon, CO 81620

Eagle Bend Apartments
10 Stonebridge Dr.
Avon, CO 81620

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SMART Recovery Meetings

The 12 steps aren’t for everyone. While they are effective, there are other groups that you may be interested in to help further your recovery. One of these, SMART recovery, depends more on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other non-confrontational methods within a group setting. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training, and while it’s relatively new, those on the road to recovery give rave reviews.

Living Well Transitions
1320 Pearl St. Ste. 320
Boulder, CO 80302

DuPont Counseling Services
12101 E 2nd Ave. Ste. 100A
Aurora, CO 80011

Global Goods & Coffee Shop
5613 Olde Wadsworth Blvd.
Arvada, CO 80002

If you’re looking for a drug rehab center in Brighton, CO or alcohol rehab in Brighton, CO, also keep in mind the resources available in neighboring cities. Whether you only have to travel a short distance or you choose to travel to a nationally recognized treatment center, years of experience and successful treatment help you feel comfortable knowing you chose the right center.

Addiction Resources in Nearby Colorado Cities

For those who are seeking alcohol and drug treatment facilities outside of Brighton, Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Colorado: Resources for Recovery, there are also many drug rehab resources across the state of Colorado: