Finding an Interventionist in Longmont, Colorado

The toxic poison of alcohol and drug addiction spreads throughout an addict and everyone closest to him or her. For Longmont families feeling those toxic effects, sometimes the best solution is to solicit the help of a professional interventionist.

The goal of an intervention in Longmont is two-fold. First and foremost, the intervention is designed to help your loved one enter into a substance abuse treatment program in Longmont for his or her own sake. Second, the goal is to help your entire family learn how to heal the wounds of addiction and regain control of your lives.

The intervention itself involves those closest to the addict expressing their concerns regarding the addiction in a constructive manner. This is achieved through preparation meetings with your interventionist to learn how to express feelings without inciting negative emotions and to learn how to establish boundaries if treatment is not chosen.

Your Longmont drug intervention begins with the selection of the right interventionist, or intervention counselor, to help you, your family, and your addicted loved one. This is not a decision to be made lightly, as this individual will counsel you and your family prior to the intervention itself. Not only will this prepare you for how to articulate yourself during the intervention to avoid unnecessary confrontation, but you will be able to self-examine any enabling and co-dependent behavior that exists. Unless everyone in the family unit is willing to correct enabling and unhealthy behaviors, the addict will not be able to fully heal.

Your interventionist in Longmont will also be the shepherd for your addicted loved one throughout the treatment process. During the intervention, the intervention counselor will be the guiding voice to help convey the feelings of love and support from you and your family and help the addict see the need for treatment. If the goal of the intervention is achieved and treatment is elected, the interventionist will travel with the addict to help him or her enter the substance abuse treatment program and begin the road to recovery.

Finding this important person in the addiction intervention process can seem daunting to take on alone. The good news is that you do not have to do this, or the intervention, alone. You can reach out to The Recovery Village for help finding an interventionist in Longmont and other resources to help your addicted loved one. Substance abuse treatment programs and interventionists work hand-in-hand to help people struggling with addiction. This makes these programs wonderful resources to help with your Longmont drug intervention.   

Drug Intervention Counselor in Longmont, CO

Intervention counselors in Longmont are mental health professionals that specialize in everything related to drug addiction and abuse. Some intervention counselors even specialize in a particular substance, making them effective experts and a powerful force in the war on drugs. This is similar in nature to a medical doctor who specializes in a particular disease. If you have a loved one who is diagnosed with a particular type of cancer, you seek out an oncologist who specializes in that particular type of cancer. Similarly, if you have a loved one who is addicted to opiates, you should seek out a drug intervention counselor who is experienced with opiate and opioid abuse.

Longmont, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselor

The name intervention counselor is indicative of what these professionals can offer: counseling. You and your loved ones need counseling just as much as the addicted person in your life. The job of your family is to create a healthy family unit for the addict to return to once he or she has completed rehabilitation. Additionally, the addict will respond to seeing that you and your loved ones are taking responsibility and seeking help.

Your intervention counselor in Longmont will also use counseling skills during the intervention. It is crucial to convey the seriousness of the situation without the addict feeling like he or she is under attack. This is a fine line that can be easily crossed by emotional family and friends, which is why having a professional interventionist leading the intervention is so important.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are just as lifesaving and significant as drug interventions. In many ways, they are more impactful as alcohol is such a prevalent and easily accessible substance in society. As with a drug intervention counselor, alcohol intervention counselors are specialized in the in’s and out’s of alcoholism and how to handle a person who is enslaved to the bottle.

No matter what substance your loved one is battling, an interventionist in Longmont is ready and waiting to help intervene and save your loved one’s life. Choosing an intervention is an emotional decision that can feel overwhelming. Fear not; you are helping to save the life of someone you love and helping to heal your family at the same time. For help with Longmont drug interventions and other addiction resources, reach out to The Recovery Village today.