Finding an Interventionist in Littleton, Colorado

If someone you love is struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol in Littleton, you know that addiction is never just about the person using substances. Addiction is a problem that affects families and loved ones as well. It can be hard to understand why a person with an addiction does not simply stop using drugs, especially when you and their other friends or relatives are willing to help them. However, it is not that simple, and loved ones often end up enabling the addiction even if they do not mean to do so. This can become a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

When your loved one is trapped in addiction and you and other people who care about that person also feel trapped, it can help to bring in a neutral third party. An interventionist in Littleton is a type of addiction counselor who specializes in working with families to break destructive addiction cycles, help addicts get into the right substance abuse treatment program in Littleton, and help families and friends establish healthy boundaries for themselves and restore order to their lives. If your family is struggling with a loved one who suffers from addiction, a Littleton drug intervention counselor can help.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Littleton, CO

For many people, interventions are something that they are only familiar with through watching depictions of them on television or in the movies. The experience of holding an intervention yourself is very different, and it is important to have a skilled interventionist on hand who has the skills and training needed to pull off a successful intervention. If handled poorly, an intervention could do more harm than good, causing rifts between loved ones and pushing the person with the addiction further away from the people who love him or her.

It is very easy to think of an intervention is something that is mainly about the person with the addiction, but it is really about the whole family or group. Your interventionist in Littleton will spend time educating you and your family members about the realities of addiction, co-dependency, and enabling. You can use that information to help you set appropriate boundaries for yourself for your own sake. That education will also help you better understand how you can support someone who you love who has an addiction without enabling the addiction or the destructive behavior. These are good things for you to know and understand whether or not your loved one ends up accepting help and rehabilitation services by the end of the intervention.

Littleton, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Planning an intervention is a process that should be taken with care. It usually starts with an interview, which often takes place over the phone. Your intervention counselor in Littleton will need information from you, including what kind of substances the person with the addiction is using and how you and other loved ones have been interacting with the person with the addition. You will also want to let the interventionist know if your loved one is prone to violence or has access to weapons. It is important for the intervention counselor to be informed so that he or she can take appropriate steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

You will also have some questions for interventionists. You should ask them about their training and their experience with the specific substance that your loved one is abusing. You should also ask about the intervention methods they use. Different interventionists have different styles, and it is important to choose someone with whom you and your family are comfortable. Involve other loved ones in the process of choosing the interventionist and preparing for the intervention. You will also want to ask the interventionist what happens when the intervention is over. What happens after your loved one agrees to go to rehabilitation? What if he or she goes, but does not complete the rehabilitation? What if the person refuses to accept help? These are all important questions to which you should seek answers.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Some interventionists specialize in certain substances. An alcohol intervention counselor is an intervention counselor in Littleton who specializes in working with alcoholics and their families. Alcoholism can be a particularly difficult addiction to confront, and family members who drink recreationally themselves may struggle with how to support a family member or loved one who has a drinking problem. Alcoholism has a lot to do with specific behaviors, not just the amount or frequency with which the person drinks. An alcohol interventionist in Littleton will know how to focus the intervention on those behaviors.

There are a number of ways to find a drug or alcohol intervention counselor in Littleton. If you know other people who have successfully held an intervention, you can ask for a personal recommendation. Your family doctor may be able to recommend intervention counselors in your area. You should also check with your health insurance company to find out which intervention counselors in Littleton are covered by your insurance plan.

You can also find a wealth of information about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources by calling The Recovery Village today!