Every story of substance use disorder and recovery is unique. No two people fall into or climb out of substance abuse in the same way. However, there are usually shared concerns and common problems along the path to recovery, and it is in these cases that the mentoring and support of those who have dealt with the same problems can be a powerful tool for support.

This is the role of peer support groups in Grand Junction such as Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, and Narcotics Anonymous, or NA. Led by either a long-time member of the organization or a substance abuse counselor or another professional, peer support helps people working toward recovery find coping strategies, emotional support, and structure often needed to overcome these problems.

Many people attend their first AA or NA meeting as part of a substance abuse treatment program in Grand Junction, while others attend their first meeting in one of the standalone locations in the area. Regardless of where you go to meetings, you will find support among your peers in AA and NA.

AA Meetings In Grand Junction, Colorado

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship that welcomes anyone who is battling or who has battled with alcohol addiction. AA does not care whether a member is rich or poor, educated or uneducated, religious or not religious, and political or apolitical. Though the program is based on 12 steps that have a spiritual bent, the principles of AA can be incorporated into both a religious and a secular lifestyle.

The main point of the 12 steps of AA is to help a person rid himself or herself of the compulsion to drink. The steps help addicts realize where addiction comes from and how to rid themselves of it. AA meetings are a safe space where alcoholics can freely discuss their trials, their challenges, and their triumphs on the road to recovery.

For those who have not yet entered into a rehab program, AA meetings can help encourage members to take that step. For those newly out of rehab, AA meetings help to reinforce the coping skills learned in rehab to prevent relapse into alcohol abuse. For those sober for many years, AA meetings provide continuing guidance and a place to both give and receive support.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

Though all AA meetings are built on the principles of the 12 steps of AA, the tone, mood, and topics covered can vary widely, depending on the group leader, the location, and the participants. If you look online for “AA meetings near me,” you will likely find several meetings in your area.

Not every meeting is a good fit for every person. It is expected that, when you first begin to attend meetings, you might need to try out several different groups until you find the one for you. That is no problem. Find one that makes you feel comfortable.

Here are some things you might consider:

  • Is the meeting for everyone, or just for alcoholics?
  • Is the meeting co-ed, or gender specific?
  • Is the meeting time and location convenient for my needs?
  • Do I find the group welcoming and the group leader likable?
  • How many people usually attend this meeting?

You can also find AA meeting location information on the Alcoholics Anonymous website, where you will find some of the answers to these questions.

Here are a few AA meeting locations to get you started:

Unity Church
3205 N Twelfth St.
Grand Junction, CO 81506

First Congregational Church
1425 N Fifth St.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Alano of Grand Junction
404 Glenwood Ave.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

NA Meetings In Grand Junction, Colorado

NA grew naturally out of AA. As more narcotics became available, both legally and illegally, and as the nation began to be concerned about the effects of drug consumption and substance abuse, AA meetings found themselves with more members whose concerns overlapped in some places, but not in others. The solution, formally created in 1953, was to take the twelve steps and framework of AA and create a sister organization focused on narcotics, NA.

Thanks to its history, NA and AA are very similar in some respects, with the same flexible framework and membership- and leadership-driven approach to the focus of meetings. The only requirement to become a member is the desire to stop abusing drugs. Those considering joining NA will similarly find themselves exploring what they most need from the meetings.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Before attending a meeting, you should look at both personal and practical considerations. Can you attend the meeting at the time it unfolds? Will the meeting cater to your needs in an effective way? Are there any approaches in the meeting that particularly appeal? Literature and leadership will also be available to discuss the approach and to help you get a sense of it.

Here are some NA meeting locations in the area:

First Congregational Church
1425 N Fifth St.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Veterans Hospital
2121 North Ave. – Building 35
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Meeting Hall
1938 N First Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501

You can find more meeting locations on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

Peer support can help anyone, regardless of how far along they are on the path to recovery. Finding a meeting is an important step away from substance abuse and toward a brighter future. Reach out to The  Recovery Village to find out about AA and NA meetings along with other addiction treatment options in the Grand Junction area.