Finding an Interventionist in Fort Collins, Colorado

When someone is struggling with an addiction in Fort Collins, Colorado, an intervention may be the best thing to convince him or her of the need for help. Not only can an intervention help steer someone toward treatment, but the family can also benefit by learning how to regain control of their lives.

Once the family acknowledges the addiction and the unhealthy behaviors it is producing, they can assist their loved one to enter into a substance abuse treatment program in Fort Collins with the help of an interventionist. The most effective interventions start with the family.

Once you have decided on working with an interventionist in Fort Collins, it is important to find someone who has experience working with the particular substance your loved one is using. Also, if any other concerns surround your loved one, like a tendency toward violence or a mental illness, try to find an interventionist capable of handling this as well.

An addiction intervention is an intimate and personal experience. It can be very emotional for all involved. Because of this, it will go much smoother when you work with an interventionist with whom everyone feels comfortable. Just as experience and credentials are important, so is personality and a feeling of connection. Usually, family and friends know their loved one best and can help find the best match in an interventionist.

Often a phone consultation is the first step. During this, the interventionist can learn about the individual, the addiction, and the situation surrounding the addiction. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about the services and process of a drug intervention, as well as get a feel for the interventionist.

You may want to develop a list of questions prior to the phone consultation. The answers the interventionist in Fort Collins provides can be a good indicator of his or her approach and how your loved one will relate. These questions may include things like:

  • What is your background and experience?
  • Do you have experience with the substance to which my loved one is addicted?
  • What is the approach of your intervention?
  • How should we prepare?
  • What if my loved one denies the problem or refuses help?
  • What is the next step?

Drug Intervention Counselor in Fort Collins, CO

The family may be unknowingly enabling their loved one in a codependent relationship. Often there is no accountability, and the loved one is allowed to manipulate his or her family to maintain the addiction. By working with an addiction counselor, the family can learn to modify their own behavior as their loved one gets treatment.

It is hard to recognize addiction and to know how to talk your loved one about it. Fixing it is even harder on your own. Often families think that if there is a significant life event, their loved one will change, that something like a new job or new girlfriend will make a difference. However, this is dangerous thinking, and it only allows the addiction to get worse and harder to break. Intervention counselors in Fort Collins can help.

Fort Collins, CO Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Often there are three main steps involved in a Fort Collins drug intervention.

Step One – Initial Consultation: The interventionist can learn what is keeping your loved one in the addiction. You can share details about the addiction, the background, and the current situation. An intervention is most effective when everyone involved is on the same page. During the initial consultation, the counselor can help everyone get there despite any manipulation from their loved one.

Step Two – Educate the Family about Addiction: Once the family is familiar with addiction and recovery, they are able to help. They can stop enabling and start to employ healthy behaviors in their life. There is no need to wait until things get bad or your loved one “hits rock bottom.” In fact, the longer you wait to seek help, the worse the situation can become, even to the point of becoming life-threatening.

Step Three- Get the Process Started: As the family begins to learn about addiction and how to help, the process can be put in place. Not only will your loved one get better when he or she stops using, but the family can rebuild as well.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are some of the most common interventions. Because alcohol is widely accepted and available, it tends to be abused frequently. Convincing someone of the problem can be difficult because alcohol is legal and drinking it is considered socially acceptable. The Fort Collins area has many alcohol interventionists to help those suffering from alcohol addiction and their families.

An interventionist will focus, not on how much alcohol is consumed, but rather the behaviors it produces. When alcohol use is a problem, it has the potential to not only destroy the life of the person drinking, but also the lives of everyone else around.

An alcohol intervention can help guide families down the path of recovery and away from addiction. Not only can an interventionist get your loved one into a treatment program, but the counselor will also help the family make positive changes. These changes can have a lifesaving impact.

It is important to find an intervention counselor with the right experience, background, and demeanor. Here are some ways you can begin your search:

  • Insurance Coverage – By identifying therapists who fall under your insurance plan, you may be relieved of some of the financial worries of an intervention.
  • Doctor’s Recommendations –  Your family doctor has insight and experience to refer you to a good interventionist.
  • Online Referrals – Through an online search, you can read reviews and feedback from others who have used this interventionist.
  • Personal Recommendations – Word of mouth is often one of the best sources. If you know someone who has been through this, ask about their experience and if they can recommend their interventionist.

This is not an easy step. It is hard to admit to a problem and hard to step up to fix it, but this is the best thing you can do for your loved one with an addiction. You are doing the right thing by reaching out for professional help. Call us today to find an interventionist in the Fort Collins area.