Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Durango, Colorado

Many people have a tendency to both see their family as healthy, to view it as fundamentally unchanging, and to draw from its examples when they begin building families of their own. However, families are constantly changing, and what can seem healthy and workable in the context of a family may not make sense in the context of a marriage. Similarly, two very different approaches to emotional closeness, even if they are both healthy, can lead to disagreement and conflict.

Into this steps the marriage counselor and the family therapist. Families and couples in Durango can struggle with a wide range of issues, such as grief, sexual dysfunction, past abuse, child behavioral problems, or elder care issues. Therapy can address all these issues and more. For instance, when one family member suffers from mental illness or is in need of substance abuse counseling in Durango, a family therapist can help the whole family work together to begin to heal the wounds that member has caused. The goal of an effective counselor is to help couples and families work through those concerns and to build better relationships and understandings between loved ones.

Marriage and family therapy may include both group sessions and individual sessions to help everyone make improvements. In the first session of therapy, the Durango counselor will listen to everyone involved and carefully observe the dynamics of the couple or family that has come to therapy. At the same time, the family can observe the therapist and judge whether the therapist will be a good fit for the family going forward.

Marriage Counseling In Durango, Colorado

Studies have shown that marriage counseling is effective for treating a wide range of mental and emotional disorders. Couples who have attended counseling in Durango often find that their relationships improve, not only with each other, but with others outside the marriage as well. For instance, relationships with neighbors, co-workers, and extended family members have all improved, as has the couple’s general outlook and emotional wellbeing.

Marriage counseling works for couples at many stages of their relationship, whether the partners are looking to improve intimacy or are standing on the brink of separation or divorce. By helping each partner focus on self-improvement and self-awareness, a marriage counselor in Durango can also improve the entire marital relationship.

Durango Marriage Therapy

Marriage therapy in Durango is designed to help partners learn better methods of communication and better problem-solving skills. With the guidance of a Durango therapist, the couple can set goals for therapy and map out a road to achieve those goals. For this to work, each partner must be committed to the process.

In the course of therapy, couples can expect to improve their listening skills and to learn things about their partner they may not have known previously. Sometimes, this can lead to conflict within a session, but this is normal. The marriage therapists in Durango will take a neutral stance and will help the couple work through the conflict in a healthy way.

Counseling sessions are usually held once a week, depending on the couple’s availability, and sessions are held in places like practice practices, group practices, or university counseling centers. Some couples may even prefer to attend sessions via video conference.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

It is important that both partners be involved in finding the right counselor in Durango. Some of the items which should factor into the decision-making process are:

  • Whether the therapist has the right training and credentials for marriage counseling
  • Whether the therapist makes both partners feel heard and respected
  • Whether the therapist is located conveniently to the couple
  • Whether the therapist provides services at a reasonable cost
  • Whether the therapist maintains control over the sessions, even if conflicts arise
  • Whether the therapist expresses interest in the feedback of the couple regarding the therapeutic method
  • Whether the therapist provides a safe space for the couple to express their private thoughts

Family Therapy Durango, CO

Families change over time. Birth, death, marriage, success, failure, and illness all affect individual members and, by extension, the family as a whole. These changes can be a long time coming, or completely unexpected, but how the individual members of the family react to them will define the reactions, and overall mental health, of the others. Family therapy seeks to help families better understand these connections and how every member of the family affects the others for good or for bad.

Durango Family Counseling

Similar to marriage counseling, family counseling or therapy is not about mediating disputes, but understanding how those disputes form and the emotional reaction of family members to various triumphs and hardships. Some emotions, such as grief at the passing of a member of the family, can be profoundly complicated for an individual and can require families to untangle both their feelings and how they are tied to the equally complex feelings of their fellow family members. Family counseling encourages families to better understand each other and to develop tools to avoid disputes and instead grasp what the other family members are thinking and feeling.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

Families can find counselors directly, through a family doctor, through the family insurer, through their religious leader, or through a family friend. The method is less important than the desire to seek help. Even the most loving, supportive family or couple has setbacks. Counseling ensures those setbacks are temporary, and that couples and families can re-establish a healthy home environment and strengthen the bonds of love.

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