Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Drug testing is commonplace and becoming increasingly more so as society finds more uses for drug testing. Employers in Colorado Springs are performing drug tests before hiring an employee, companies are drug-testing employees who get in accidents on company property, law enforcement uses drug testing as part of its investigation techniques, researchers are testing water supplies to determine the prevalence of addiction to certain drugs, and of course, people in recovery submit to drug tests as either part of the procedure at their addiction recovery facility in Colorado Springs or as an outpatient procedure. It is estimated anywhere between 40 and 65 percent of all employers alone perform drug tests as part of the hiring procedure, so it is likely most people have had one at least once.

Regardless of why you may be taking a drug test, or asking to have one administered, it is important to know just how they function and how to find a proper facility.

Colorado Springs Drug Testing Centers

Which Colorado Springs drug testing facility you choose is largely based on two factors: the drugs you are trying to detect and the specimens to be collected for testing.

Most Colorado Springs drug testing centers offer what is known as a 5-panel test, which detects the evidence of the five most commonly abused drug types, including:

  1. Opiates
  2. PCP
  3. Marijuana
  4. Cocaine
  5. Amphetamines

Of course, you can also be tested for additional drugs as well. Check with your drug testing center to ensure it tests for the drugs you are screening.

The second consideration is the specimen to be collected. Here are the most commonly collected specimens for drug testing in Colorado Springs:

  • Urine testing is the most common testing done because it is inexpensive to do and is a noninvasive test. For this reason, employers tend to prefer this type of test for employee screenings.
  • Saliva testing is also cost-effective and noninvasive. Its only drawback is that testing must be done within a short time frame from the time a substance is ingested to the time the test is performed. If you wait too long after a person ingests a drug, its presence will not show up in this form of testing.
  • Blood testing provides an accurate picture of drug use, but it is costly and invasive. This makes blood tests less popular than urine or saliva testing.
  • Hair testing is done in cases where a person’s history of drug use is needed because hair serves as a permanent record of drug use.
  • Perspiration testing is a fairly new type of testing and involves wearing an adhesive sweat patch for two weeks and then sending the patch to the lab for detection of any drug use during that time.

Once you find some drug testing facilities in Colorado Springs that provide the type of testing you require, there are a few more factors to consider that might narrow your choices a bit. Look for a facility that:

  • Has a reputation for accuracy of results:  Facilities that are certified by the Department of Health and Human Services will likely meet the accuracy standard. You can find a list of such facilities maintained by SAMHSA.
  • Provides fast results: Speed is important in most cases where drug testing is needed, from pre-employment screenings to parents who need to know immediately if a child is abusing drugs.
  • Provides professional service: Drug testing can be intimidating for some, and a facility staffed with professionals can relieve some of the stress of testing.
  • Maintains your privacy: Your drug test results are private, and reputable facilities will ensure that your privacy is protected by only revealing your results to those you authorize to see them.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

You can begin your search for drug testing centers in Colorado Springs by simply Googling “drug testing near me.” This such yield many results, and you can start to narrow your search by reading online patient reviews of the facilities you find.

If you are not comfortable depending on the internet to help, there are other sources that may be more fruitful. Here are a few:

  • Talk to your doctor. Because this healthcare professional is familiar with you and with testing facilities throughout Colorado Springs, your physician is in an excellent spot to give you a recommendation.
  • Talk to your insurer. If there are facilities in your area that are covered by your insurance, using them may reduce your out-of-pocket expense for testing.
  • Talk to others who have been tested. You likely have family or friends who have been required at some point to have a drug test. Ask about their experiences and get recommendations.
  • Call The Recovery Village. Our courteous, professional representatives are well-informed about drug testing facilities and other addiction treatment resources in the Colorado Springs area. Call today to have your questions answered.