Substance Abuse Counseling in Canon City, Colorado

Substance abuse is a complicated issue, affecting the psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of the person with the problem. Once someone facing substance abuse and dependency in Canon City realizes the need for help, the question becomes where to find it. Often that help comes in the form of substance abuse counseling.

A qualified substance abuse counselor is often used by people at all points on the path to sobriety. You are as likely to find someone who has not touched a narcotic or alcohol for years as you are to find somebody who is newly beginning the journey by entering into a substance abuse treatment program in Canon City. Finding the right counselor for you can make this journey considerably more effective.

Substance abuse counseling is a discipline where the approach depends on the client. It is a complicated illness that can be a problem in its own right and also a symptom of another mental or physical illness. For example, it is not uncommon for sufferers of chronic pain to become addicted to opiate medication, but this would need a different approach than someone who uses substances to avoid working through emotional trauma.

The goal is to determine why the client began using these substances and what problem those substances solved, however temporarily. Once that has been found, the counselor and client will work together to find a path to sobriety and a set of steps on that path. This can involve any number of steps, such as seeking counseling for another mental illness, working to rebuild a career, or seeking a peer support meeting.

This makes trust and respect between counselor and client particularly important. Potential clients need to be honest with their prospective counselors, and counselors must assess how much work potential clients need to put in to achieve their goals.

Canon City, CO Addiction Counseling

There is a behavioral component to substance abuse. People for whom substance abuse and dependency is part of their routine will have their lives altered to cater to that substance, sometimes so gradually they will not even notice. This creates a potential situation in that medically ending a dependency is only the first step. If a person does not change their behavior and their approach to triumphs and setbacks, and if they continue in the same behavior patterns, this makes them more likely to relapse and also may leave the problems created by substance abuse in place.

Addiction counseling finds and breaks these patterns. It encourages substance abusers to look critically at their behavior, consider how their substance addiction may have changed it, and alter their behavior to support their sobriety. It is often the most difficult part of the process; those in recovery are forced to reconsider close relationships, jobs, living situations, and a host of other points in their life, and a counselor is a necessary form of support as these changes are made.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

There is no more effective counselor for a person working past drug addiction than one who understands their exact situations and the demands of various forms of substance abuse. While drug counselors should have the proper credentials and license, and that should be a part of any discussion with potential clients, experience is equally as important. It will inform the long-term plan for sobriety, help counselors consider possible setbacks their clients may face, and help build trust between counselor and client.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

Alcohol is generally considered slightly apart from other drug counseling simply because the social circumstances around it are so different. Alcohol is one of the most widely consumed and one of the few legal, mind-altering substances widely available. Alcohol is served across the country, and if you have too much alcohol, as long as you do not show up at work drunk or drive under the influence, you likely will not be seen to have a “problem.”

By focusing on the negative behaviors and consequences of a person’s drinking, alcohol counselors help to open the eyes of alcoholics and give them a good reason to seek treatment.

Drug Addiction Counselor Canon City, CO

Narcotic addiction, meanwhile, is a different challenge. Often just the opposite may happen; people may become alienated from a person struggling with substance abuse as their behavior changes and their emotional state becomes uneven. A drug addiction counselor will help their client confront these problems and work through them.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

The key hurdle for many substance abusers is simply finding the ability to ask for help. Once they do so, their doctor, their insurer, a family friend, or even confidential hotlines or online listings will be able to help them find a confidential referral. It is the seeking of help that is most important, as the first step to conquering any problem is acknowledging it exists.

Please reach out today to The Recovery Village to discuss substance abuse counselors and other addiction treatment resources in the Canon City area. You are not alone. We can help.