Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Arvada, Colorado

There is no doubt that Colorado is facing some issues with the drug epidemic that is spreading across this country. Fatal overdoses have happened in Colorado, and Arvada is no exception to the struggle. As a result of the drug crisis, drug testing facilities are beginning to pop up around the state. You may have trouble determining which drug testing center to choose, but helpful resources can help you determine where to turn.

When you are looking for excellent drug testing facilities, Arvada professionals can help. You may notice the signs of substance use disorder in somebody who fails to admit an addiction, and you may even be able to prevent a workplace accident. You will also be able to seek helpful guidance about local addiction treatment centers for Arvada residents.

Arvada Drug Testing Centers

When you are looking for drug testing facilities, Arvada will present many options. Your first step to choosing among local testing centers is to determine which option works best to suit your needs.

Most often, tests administered at local centers will be five-panel drug tests. The five-panel drug test looks for the most common categories of drugs, which include PCP, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines. Some Arvada drug test facilities utilize more powerful tests that can look for other substances, including alcohol. The amount of substance and strength of the test is based on the facility and your specifications.

You can also choose the type of specimen you want the testing facility to collect. The specimen you collect for your drug test may be:

  • Urine – Urine is the most commonly collected specimen at drug testing centers. Urine is popular because of the metabolites it contains. They can tell the drug testing professional a lot about past drug use.
  • Saliva – Saliva is also commonly collected at Arvada drug testing centers. Testing is quick and non-invasive. Unfortunately, saliva can only provide information about a short period of time.
  • Blood – Testing with blood is not as popular as other methods because it is invasive and costs more. On the other hand, blood testing can provide an extremely accurate reading.
  • Hair – Hair filters the different metabolites from the body, creating a strong history that demonstrates drug use.
  • Sweat – Perspiration is a new way to collect specimens. Sweat testing requires that the individual being tested wear a patch for a short period of time. The patch will collect evidence of drug use.

A reliable and high-quality drug testing center will offer some key characteristics you should consider. Characteristics include:

  • Accuracy – The best testing centers offer accurate results. You can ensure that a facility is certified by reaching out to the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Speed – The best drug testing centers will offer results quickly. When you are waiting on results, you do not want to be on pins and needles. You want answers right away.
  • Privacy – Nobody wants their business out in the open. When it comes to your professional life, some information could be damaging. Check with the testing center to see what their policies are in regards to private information and HIPAA.

For many different reasons, people seek Arvada drug testing facilities. These are just a few of the circumstances that warrant testing:

  • Pre-employment screenings for individuals granted employment under the condition that they pass a drug test first
  • Annual physicals for employees of companies requiring regular exams
  • A boss has reasonable suspicion that an individual is unfit to work
  • Accidents in the workplace prompt employers to take notice
  • Post-rehab testing ensures that treatment is working
  • Probation requires regular drug testing
  • Sports teams often require athletes to undergo drug testing before events
  • Middle schools, high schools, and colleges may require random drug testing

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When you search the web for drug testing facilities in your area, you will find many reliable Arvada drug testing centers. Each center has its own specific criteria, and you can locate excellent drug testing centers by using techniques like these:

  • Speak with a physician you trust. Doctors may be more familiar with your medical history and needs than anybody else. They may be able to point you toward good drug testing centers and even treatment options if necessary.
  • Your insurance provider can help you determine if testing is covered by your plan.
  • Ask friends and family members about the best testing centers nearby. Many people have experience in this area.

You can also find drug testing facilities by calling The Recovery Village. When you call, you reach a wealth of hotline representatives ready to help you. If you are not ready to speak to somebody on the phone, you can even use the web to ease the process. If you or somebody you know is struggling with addiction, turn to The Recovery Village to learn more.