Adderall to Lose Weight | Is it Safe and What You Need to Know

Adderall is a somewhat controversial prescription drug that’s classified as a stimulant, meaning it stimulates the activity of the brain and central nervous system. It affects certain neurotransmitters in the brain including dopamine and norepinephrine and speeds up processes in the body.

Adderall to Lose Weight | Is it Safe and What You Need to Know

It’s prescribed as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as well as narcolepsy. In people with ADHD, it can be helpful to improve concentration, focus, and behavioral control, but it’s not without side effects.

Even when used as prescribed Adderall can cause appetite loss, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, headaches, nausea, spikes in blood pressure and changes in heart rate.

It can in rare cases be deadly, which is why people should only use it with a prescription. There is Adderall extended release, and immediate release and the drug comes in varying incrementally increasing doses, so a physician will usually start with the smallest effective dose to minimize side effects and go up from there if necessary in a patient.

While Adderall can have therapeutic benefits for some people, it’s also frequently abused for a few different reasons.

First, when it’s taken, particularly at high doses, it can create a sense of euphoria and self-confidence. There are people who find the feelings they get when they take Adderall pleasurable. It can also help people study or work for long periods of time, which is why it’s so commonly abused by college students and even young professionals.

Adderall is also often used as a tool to lose weight. There’s a reason for this, and it’s because Adderall affects the brain’s dopamine system, which plays a role in things like hunger as well.

Adderall to lose weight is something that’s become all-too-common, but it can be risky and ineffective. If you’re using Adderall to lose weight, it’s important to be cognizant of the risks. It’s not only dangerous but also illegal to use Adderall without a prescription.
Along with the physical side effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure, Adderall is a drug that is addictive, and you can also become physically dependent on it.

Ultimately it’s just not worth it to use Adderall to lose weight.

It’s not uncommon for people to lose weight on a stimulant drug like Adderall, whether they’re using it as prescribed or not.

They may wonder what the Adderall weight loss average is, and it’s difficult to say for sure. For some people who take Adderall as prescribed to treat ADHD, it may be pretty minimal. For people who abuse Adderall specifically to lose weight, they could lose substantial amounts of weight in a relatively short time.

With that being said, when looking at the Adderall weight loss average it can seem like it’s a miracle drug, but most people who lose weight on Adderall gain it back after the stop taking the drug, or they become so addicted that they have to seek treatment for their use of it.

When children take Adderall some of the risks can include slowed growth and poor weight gain. There was a study in 2014 that showed when stimulants were used in children to treat ADHD, they had slower growth in BMI, but then over the years, they gained more weight than children who never took them.

So what about Adderall weight loss in adults? The situation may be similar. With Adderall weight loss in adults, it’s not manageable to keep the weight off unless you keep taking the drugs. This can lead to the development of tolerance which means you need higher doses to get any effect, and it can also contribute to serious health conditions ranging from cardiovascular issues to anorexia.

A few other things to consider with Adderall weight loss in adults is the fact that when you stop using Adderall and go through withdrawal, you may gain even more weight than you lost because you might experience symptoms like rebound hunger. Also, as was touched on above, it’s very easy to develop a tolerance to Adderall, sometimes after only using it a few times. This means that you may not get the same appetite suppression effects over time.

So why does Adderall make you lose weight?

Adderall is a combination drug that includes dextroamphetamine and amphetamine, which are stimulants that increase the amount of available dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that’s responsible for many functions in the brain, including sending signals that let you know you’re satisfied.

This is relevant to Adderall because if you have a dopamine deficiency, it may be linked to obesity, while when you take Adderall you have higher dopamine levels, so you tend to have a reduced appetite.

Regardless of what you’ve heard about Adderall and weight loss, there are severe potential side effects of using this drug for off-label purposes. It can cause everything from mood problems to psychosis in some cases, as well as physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat.

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