Adderall High | Adderall High Dosage and Effects

Adderall is a prescription drug that acts as a central nervous system stimulant. What this means is that it speeds up the functionality of the central nervous system, and it changes how the brain senses messages. Two brain neurotransmitters, in particular, are affected by Adderall, which are dopamine and norepinephrine.

Adderall High | Adderall High Dosage and Effects
Adderall is prescribed to children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, and it’s available in immediate release and extended release versions.

When someone takes Adderall, and they have true symptoms of ADHD it can help them focus, concentrate and control their behavior more effectively. When someone takes it, and they don’t have ADHD or they abuse it, they may experience an Adderall high, which is discussed below.

Adderall is also used for the treatment of narcolepsy, but since it is a controlled substance, it’s illegal to use in the U.S. without a prescription.

Some of the common side effects of Adderall include increased energy, insomnia, anxiety, mood changes, headache, dizziness, and nausea. Severe side effects are possible with this drug as well, and these can include changes in heart rate and blood pressure. In rare cases, there have been reports of sudden death, but this usually occurs when someone is taking an Adderall high dosage. Another side effect is appetite loss, so people may abuse the drug in hopes of losing weight.

While Adderall does have some therapeutic benefits for people with ADHD, it is addictive, and it’s possible to develop a physical dependence on it as well. When you become addicted to Adderall, it’s because the feelings of euphoria and changes in brain chemistry that it creates trigger reward pathways in the brain, which then creates a cycle of psychological addiction.

So what about an Adderall high? What is this, and what are the Adderall high effects?

When a doctor prescribes someone Adderall, it’s first because they have diagnosed them as having ADHD but they also carefully work on the dosage they give them to make sure it’s well-suited to their needs. Adderall, particularly in its immediate-release version, comes in many incremental doses so a physician can start with the smallest dose that might work a patient, and go up from there if necessary.

Unfortunately, as mentioned Adderall is a drug with a potential for abuse, particularly when it’s taken without a prescription or in high doses.

If someone is high on Adderall, they will experience euphoria, increased concentration, high energy, and feelings of self-confidence. An Adderall high can be a pleasurable experience, but this isn’t something that should or would necessarily happen if a person took the medicine as prescribed.

Adderall is often used by college students, as an example, because of the high it can create, and it allows students to stay awake for long periods of time and study.

A common question people have is what the Adderall high dosage is, but there’s not a definitive answer for this.

The Adderall high dosage that would affect one person may not affect another in the same way, and someone without ADHD might feel high with a pretty low dose of the drug.

Sometimes people will attempt to get high on Adderall by crushing it and snorting it or dissolving it and injecting it, and that makes the risk of serious or deadly side effects higher.

As was touched on above, Adderall high effects can include feeling euphoric, energetic and having a rush of self-confidence. You may feel like you can accomplish a lot more, and you’re likely to be focused on tasks that you might otherwise find boring for long periods of time. It’s like a rush of energy and excitement that occurs when someone takes this drug.

The Adderall high effects tend to be more pronounced when someone takes immediate-release versions of the drug, whereas with extended release, it’s more a gradual experience. This is why some people use extended-release Adderall in other ways, like snorting it, to get more of an effect all at one time.

When someone comes down from the Adderall high effects, they’re likely to feel anxious, depressed or even experience psychotic symptoms in some cases. They may sleep for long periods, they may experience rebound hunger, and they may feel like they don’t have the motivation to do anything. The comedown from Adderall can be somewhat similar to coming down from cocaine.

So, to sum up, does Adderall make you high? Yes, there is an Adderall high that can occur, particularly at high doses or when the drug is abused without a prescription. People who truly need Adderall and take it as prescribed shouldn’t experience a high.

The effects of an Adderall high are likely to be more intense when the immediate release version of the drug is used, but there are real risks to abusing Adderall. Some of the risks of Adderall abuse include addiction, physical dependence, cardiovascular symptoms, and even sudden death in some cases.

It’s important never to use it to achieve an Adderall high. It’s risky and illegal.

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