Vicodin Addiction Treatment & Rehab

If a Vicodin addiction has taken hold of your life, it’s time to fight back. Now is the best time to begin your journey to recovery, and The Recovery Village is committed to helping you reach your goals. During drug addiction rehab at The Recovery Village, you will become sober, better understand your addiction, build a support network of peers and start a life of sobriety.
Addiction treatment begins with detoxification to rid the body of Vicodin and its toxins. After detox, patients begin meeting with counselors for therapy to understand the motivations behind their addiction, the psychological process of addiction, and how best to deal with stressors that may have triggered their addiction. Our experienced counselors work with patients one-on-one, as well as in small groups.

The Recovery Village patients also enjoy alternative therapies such as yoga and equine therapy to ease their journey toward recovery from Vicodin addiction. Along the way, patients will learn the necessary coping skills for addiction to help them avoid relapse, and how to maintain a happy and healthy sober life free from Vicodin.

Some patients benefit most from inpatient rehab, during which time they will live on our Florida campus and experience a sober community 24/7. In addition to having easy, immediate access to our doctors and clinical staff, inpatients also reap the benefits of our gym, chef, swimming pool. Each of these amenities contributes to a healthful environment, and other amenities like private bathrooms and cozy bedrooms make it easier to leave home.   
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Some patients benefit most from outpatient rehab, when they live at home and travel to The Recovery Village during the day for therapy. Deciding whether inpatient or outpatient rehab is better for you is a decision best made with your doctor and our counselors. In many cases, inpatients who do well in their treatment transition to outpatient services, moving back home or to a sober living house while maintaining therapy.
The backbone of a quality addiction treatment program is counseling. The Recovery Village offers two main types of counseling — individual and group. In individual therapy, patients form a sense of trust with their counselor as they explore how their addiction was formed and triggers that provoke their cravings. In group therapy, patients form this sense of trust with each other as well as with their counselor, learning to share their vulnerabilities, bond over common experiences and support one another on the road to sobriety. For some patients, we also host a specific form of group therapy involving a person’s family, called family therapy.
Studies and experience show many people fall into addiction as the result of another mental health disorder, such as anxiety, depression or post traumatic stress disorder. For others, addiction comes first and triggers one of these disorders. In both cases, these co-occurring disorders exist together and one cannot be successfully treated without addressing the other. It’s our philosophy at The Recovery Village to treat patients for both halves of their dual diagnosis to truly address the root of their Vicodin addiction and prevent relapse.
Experiencing relapse, or returning to addiction after stopping Vicodin use, is a dangerous part of recovery. Although it is common, relapse threatens your maintained sobriety.

Relapse prevention planning is a significant piece of treatment at The Recovery Village. Each patient leaves our facility with an awareness of their relationships with Vicodin, triggers that prompted their drug use and an arsenal of sober living skills and coping mechanisms to help them deal with triggers in a healthy way.

Vicodin addiction treatment is a significant commitment on all fronts, including financially. Before coming to rehab at The Recovery Village, it’s important to understand the financial obligations that accompany rehab, and your options to pay for treatment. We happily work with many insurance companies to accept payments on a patient’s behalf, and are always willing to work with patients who choose to pay out of pocket.

We are dedicated to your recovery and finding a financial plan that will help accommodate your treatment needs. Speak with one of our intake coordinators to go over your specific situation and talk through payment plan options.

The Affordable Care Act mandates certain mental health services, including addiction treatment, be considered fundamental healthcare rights of all Americans. As such, every insurance company is required to provide some level of coverage for Vicodin rehab. To better understand what your plan covers, contact a representative from your insurance company or speak to one of our intake coordinators.
Vicodin Treatment & Rehab
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