So you’re thinking about rehab and worried about what to expect? You’re not alone. An approximate 23.1 million people were in need of treatment for their substance abuse issues in 2012, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports. Most people are a little nervous before taking such a life-changing step forward. Read on for details on the journey that awaits you.

What Is the Intake Process Like?

During the intake process, you will generally meet with a doctor, a psychologist, and/or a counselor or therapist. Intake is merely an interview process that serves to admit you into a given substance abuse treatment program. Your medical history — including your mental health history — will be reviewed, and sometimes a physical exam and mental health screening will be performed at this time, too. You’ll likely be asked about the circumstances surrounding your substance abuse, such as events that led to it.

Many patients feel a certain level of shame over their mental health and substance abuse habits, and they may be inclined to lie during their intake interview, especially when asked questions that make them feel embarrassed. False statements about your addiction, such as lying about how often you use a drug or how much of it you use, can seriously hinder your development in a treatment program right from the start. It is vital to your success in treatment that you are open and honest with staff members during your time in treatment.

Remember that everything you divulge during this time and the rest of your course of treatment is completely private. The information gathered during intake is what will be used to develop your individualized treatment plan, as different patients have different needs. Financial circumstances and payment options are also reviewed at this time.

We encourage you to call us today and start the intake process knowing we’re here to support you.