Coronavirus (COVID-19) Implications

The coronavirus pandemic has affected most Americans, but people struggling with substance use are facing greater risks than most. See why.

Isolation & Self-Care During COVID-19

Here are some activities you can try to practice self-care for your mental health, stay positive and help strengthen your recovery at home during COVID-19.

Online Mental Health Counseling

Telepsychiatry is a form of online counseling that gives patients convenient access to effective treatment from home. Learn how it can help.

Types of Online Counseling

Virtual therapy offers many types of counseling for substance abuse and mental health conditions. Find out who you’ll talk to and what you’ll do in an online therapy session.

The Benefits of Online Therapy

Online therapy offers a wide range of benefits to the client to aid their substance use recovery. Here are eight reasons to consider teletherapy online.

Recovery Meetings During COVID-19

Many people in recovery are turning to online services for support during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn about the issues with online meetings and how to stay safe.

How to Use the Telehealth App

Online counseling through The Recovery Village Telehealth app is accessible from anywhere and is easy to use. Read this how-to guide for steps, tips and FAQs.

How to Use The Recovery Village Recovery Room App

The Recovery Village Recovery Room app allows support groups to conveniently host free, anonymous meetings online rather than in person. Learn how to use the app and get started with…