People who are unfamiliar with marijuana, or who use marijuana but are unfamiliar with its slang terms, may wonder what “loud weed” is. Calling weed “loud” is a slang term used to describe marijuana that is strong and also has a strong odor. It has nothing to do with sound. This type of weed is described by those who frequently use marijuana as being higher quality, and it creates a faster and stronger effect than regular weed.

It is unclear what the origin of the term “loud weed” is. Some people believe the term is another way of saying that marijuana is strong in a measurable way like noise would be loud because loud weed has a strong odor. Sometimes someone opening a bag of it will involuntarily throw their head back or withdraw as they are hit with the odor. Other slang terms that have been applied to loud week include “dank” and “fire”. The strength of loud weed is referred to as the weed’s loudness.

The strength of loud weed can cause negative side effects, such as panic or unpleasant sensory experiences. For this reason, loud weed is typically used more by those who are accustomed to using weed and have built up a tolerance to its active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What Is Loud Weed Made Of?

Loud weed could be specific strains of marijuana that are grown under optimal conditions. Strains of marijuana that are considered loud are often the result of selective breeding, with high levels of THC purposefully developed in the plant.

The term loud weed applies exclusively to this strong type of marijuana and is not a combination drug that contains weed and another substance.  While loud weed could be mixed with other substances, this is not necessary for it to be considered loud.

What Kind Of Weed Is Loud?

While the term “loud” can be used to describe strong marijuana, there is also a particular strain of marijuana called Loud, or Loud Dream. This strain of marijuana comes from a specific breed of the marijuana plant and is one of the most expensive strains of marijuana available. This potent form of marijuana can cost as much as $800 per ounce and has one of the highest concentrations of THC available in marijuana, with a concentration of 26%.

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