Drug and alcohol addiction is a daily struggle for many people, and it is vital to understand that there is hope for rehab, detox and recovery. For the residents of Astoria, Oregon, who need drug and alcohol rehab, there are a variety of effective and achievable ways to overcome addiction.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 7% of deaths in Oregon between 1999 and 2017 resulted from drug overdoses. In Oregon between 2015 and 2017, deaths involving drugs like fentanyl rose from 34 to 85 and heroin deaths increased from 102 to 125.

Despite the expansive green and straddling bridges, drug and alcohol addiction have not passed over the small city of Astoria, Oregon. Here in Clatsop County, specialized narcotics teams in the sheriff department work to limit drug availability. No community is immune from the destruction of drug and alcohol addiction. Neither is any community without hope and the resources to help its people.

Between awareness, understanding of addiction’s roots, and social investment, the opportunity for recovery has never been greater.

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Astoria Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment

Rehabilitation and treatment options are available in Astoria for drug and alcohol addiction. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is a treatment that includes abstaining from the abused substance(s). While maintaining abstinence, program participants receive additional treatment, which can include a variety of methods, including counseling, group therapy and medication. Active directories indicate that there are currently 134 drug and alcohol rehabilitation locations or programs available near Astoria.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs and Treatment Centers in Astoria, OR

An important first step toward full recovery is drug and alcohol detox programs, available at treatment centers in Astoria. Severe addiction may necessitate detox and medical detox processes, which can be done safely under the supervision of medical professionals.

In detox care, clients can rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol in a safe, supervised environment. Detox centers in and near Astoria can help people take the first step toward recovery.

Astoria Residential Treatment Programs

Residential programs for addiction treatment provide escalated solutions for drug and alcohol rehab in an inpatient rehab facility. This choice for drug and alcohol rehab often includes medical detox, which is a supervised and effective first step to recovery.

Residential programs provide around-the-clock support and services and are one of the best ways to overcome alcohol or drug dependence. Inpatient alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment facilities near Astoria are located in Saint Helens and Portland. The Recovery Village Ridgefield provides a standalone medical detox center and full-service resources.

Astoria Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) is a de-escalated version of inpatient care where patients will spend the day receiving in-house treatment. These programs best serve participants who have undergone detox and are ready to continue their recovery. Residents in Astoria who require hospitalization programs may travel a short distance to Ocean Park or Saint Helens.

Astoria Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug treatment programs can be flexible and provide the needed structure for people who need additional support to overcome addiction. Outpatient programs allow participants to continue their home lives, work and school lives while still receiving useful tools and treatments for recovery. Support, information, therapy and group counseling can be helpful elements of this treatment course. Areas surrounding Astoria offer at least fifteen locations that provide an outpatient treatment experience.

Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare Programs in Astoria, OR

Continuing care for sober living can be provided at aftercare facilities. Drug rehab aftercare provides rehab alumni with programs that maintain social connections and support. Sober living facilities provide a safe environment to help with the transition back to regular life routines. This bridge can provide additional tools for living a drug- and alcohol-free life. Residents of Astoria who wish to find rehab aftercare, sober living homes, or similar services may connect with facilities in Seaside or Portland.

Specialized Treatment Programs in Astoria, OR

Each person’s experience with addiction is unique. Certain groups of people may have unique challenges and opportunities. There may be funding and support resources available when seeking rehab for veterans, rehab for LGBT persons, rehab for pregnant women or rehab for PTSD.

Additionally, there are specialized facilities, such as women’s rehab centers or rehab centers for teens, that address the specialized accommodation needed for those groups.

Portland has facilities specifically for:

  • LGBT clients
  • Active duty military personnel
  • Veterans
  • Clients referred from the court or judicial system
  • Victims of sexual abuse
  • Victims of trauma
  • Domestic violence sufferers
  • Pregnant or postpartum women.

What Is the Process Like in a Drug Detox and Rehab Facility

The goal of rehabilitation can be undercut by a fear of the unknown. The drug treatment process will require work, but tackling this undertaking is the best step toward a new life. The most important first step is to be open with the staff at your chosen facility.

The Mayo Clinic recommends the following questions for your care provider:

  • What medical services should I expect? Will I stay in a hospital or clinic?
  • Will I receive mental health, psychological or psychiatric evaluation and treatment? What is the treatment plan for my drug addiction?
  • Is their flexibility in the plan for my treatment?
  • What recommended resources are available for me to learn more?

All health care professionals who will assist you on the road to recovery are ready and willing to hear your concerns and provide a plan to meet your needs.

Finding the Best Rehab Program For You

There are many aspects to take into account when deciding which are the best rehab centers. Each facility may offer different amenities. The best drug rehab centers will ultimately provide participants with successful recovery.

Do you wonder how to find the best rehab centerAsk these questions:

  • Can you stay for the right amount of time?
  • Are the staff certified and accredited?
  • Does their approach to treatment appeal to you?
  • Does your insurance cover or share the cost?
  • How are you being assessed for your stay?
  • Do you feel that you could trust them?

What Questions Should You Ask When Considering a Treatment Program?

Assessing whether a program will be effective requires understanding the basic components and signs of quality.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism recommends asking these treatment program questions:

  1. How are you introduced to the program and evaluated?
  2. Who will your provider be and how are they trained and qualified to help you?
  3. Does the treatment plan accommodate your needs?
  4. Are you given information on the research behind your proposed treatments?
  5. What is the long-term vision for supporting your full recovery?

In addition to treatment-related questions, it will be important to understand the admissions process, insurance and financial agreements and the rules and operations of the facility.

Exploring Treatment Options Near Astoria, OR

While many kinds of drug abuse treatment near Astoria are available, you may have needs that extend beyond local programs. Should you travel for treatment? A benefit of travel could be a more targeted approach or a more specific treatment plan or process. A drawback of travel could be the distance from family and a more significant adjustment through the stages of your treatment. It is vital to make the decision that benefits your recovery.

Additional Addiction and Rehabilitation Resources in Astoria, OR

There are many addiction and rehabilitation resources in Astoria, Oregon. Those seeking treatment have ample opportunities to find help. From traditional to unconventional, immediate or long-term treatment elements, most everything needed for recovery can be found in the Oregon area and nationwide.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Astoria, OR

Recovery meetings in Astoria, Oregon, are a key way to leverage community support to walk the road of recovery. Find the local group that fits your wellness plan and attend recovery meetings to maintain accountability and build relationships.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings in Astoria, OR

Local AA Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a 12-step recovery program that involves testimonies, group sharing and community support.

Nearby AA groups include:

Pier #1 Group
Grace Episcopal Church
1545 Franklin Ave., Astoria, OR

High Noon Group
Astoria Alano Club
760 Astor Street, Astoria, OR

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings in Astoria, OR

Local NA Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a 12-step recovery program that provides fellowship, sharing and support for people who struggle, or struggled, with drugs other than alcohol.

Nearby NA meetings include:

Jordan’s Hope for Recovery
Astoria Alano Club
760 Astor St., Astoria, OR

Grace Episcopal Church
1545 Franklin Avenue, Astoria, OR

SMART Recovery Meetings in Astoria, OR

Local SMART Recovery Meetings

Another group, SMART Recovery is a four-point program where anyone struggling with addiction or wishing to abstain from substances can find support.

A nearby meeting is held at:

36195 9th Street
Nehalem, OR

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings in Astoria, OR

Local Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon is a support group for the family and friends of people who struggle with alcohol abuse. Nar-Anon provides steps and methods for the family and friends of people who struggle with addiction.

Al-Anon meetings include:

Al-Anon Astoria
First United Methodist Church
1076 Franklin Ave., Astoria, OR

Jordan’s Hope for Recovery
Seaside Public Library
1131 E Broadway Street, Seaside, OR

Nar-Anon meetings include:

You Are Not Alone
1414 12th Avenue, Longview, Washington

Non-Profit Organizations in Astoria, OR

Non-profit drug and alcohol organizations in Astoria, Oregon, are another important source of support. Search non-profits in the area to find a group that may meet your needs.

Some non-profit groups include:

Awakenings by the Sea

Awakenings by the Sea
1325 N Holladay Dr., Seaside, OR

KLEAN Treatment Centers Astoria

KLEAN Treatment Centers Astoria
4122 486 12th Street, Astoria, OR

North Coast Recovery

North Coast Recovery
Non-Profit Rehabilitation
441 30th St., Astoria, OR

Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe

Sunspire Health Astoria Pointe
Addiction Treatment Center
6142 263 W Exchange St., Astoria, OR

Navigating your options can feel overwhelming. The Recovery Village can help you identify your best treatment options.

City of Astoria, OR

The scenic city of Astoria, Oregon, is a coastal town with unique charm. When you fly into Astoria (AST) airport, you may pass over the Pacific and see the Astoria Column or the Columbia River. Astoria is located at 46.1879° N, 123.8313° W.