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In the United States, substance abuse is becoming a major issue for millions of people. Drug and alcohol addiction is doing incredible damage to the lives of individuals and families. It’s also costing billions in healthcare costs, lost productivity and legal fees. 91 people are killed every day in America by opiate overdose. It’s not difficult to understand why someone might have a drink or experiment with drugs to cope with the stress of today’s fast-paced, high pressure world. For those who are genetically predisposed towards addiction, however, it simply takes one drink or one night of drug use for the disease to be activated.

The state of New York and the city of Far Rockaway is not an exception to this national crisis. In 2014, there were 1,008 deaths related to prescription opioid overdoses in New York. People are suffering from this deadly disease all over the state, including in Far Rockaway.

It can be a challenge for those who do have substance use disorder to ask for help because of the negative attitude society has about addiction. However, addiction is a disease, like any other illness, and those who are afflicted deserve to seek treatment.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Far Rockaway, New York

For Far Rockaway citizens, substance use disorder may be a prevalent issue. Luckily, there are numerous rehab facilities in the state of New York that will allow a patient to get help. If you are in need of treatment for your substance misuse issues, having a better understanding of the different treatment programs available to you is especially beneficial.

Residential Treatment Programs

Residential treatment is the most intensive treatment program. Also referred to as inpatient treatment, patients in this program stay at the facility and have access to round-the-clock medical care. For those patients who need to go through a detoxification process, an inpatient treatment program is the best fit. In an inpatient treatment program, patients will participate in therapy, classes and recovery programs like a 12-step program or SMART Recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization is a level down from inpatient treatment. Patients who are in a partial hospitalization program (PHP) have access to the same medical care as inpatient patients and they participate in the same activities, but they go home at night. This is why this program is often called “dayhab”.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Patients who are in an outpatient program do not require detoxification or medical care, for the most part. Also, patients who have already completed inpatient treatment and/or a PHP may progress to outpatient treatment as their last step in rehabilitation.

Detox Centers

For some patients whose bodies are still physically dependent on substances like benzodiazepines, opiates or alcohol, the detoxification process will be critical. This process can be dangerous, sometimes even deadly. In a detox center, you have medical supervision throughout the process, and you will be able to handle withdrawal symptoms with medical assistance. If you attempt to detox on your own, the danger of relapse is much greater.

There are some disadvantages with detox centers, however. Most detox centers do not offer access to treatment programs after the detoxification process. While the detox process is incredibly important, the real work of your rehabilitation will begin in an inpatient treatment program. A national treatment center is beneficial because they have detoxification programs and also treatment programs so that you can go right into inpatient treatment after your detox is complete.

Recovery Meetings Near You

As part of your aftercare, finding a recovery program that resonates with you is the best thing you can do after your treatment program. Fortunately, in the Far Rockaway area, there are many options for meetings.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is the largest recovery group in the world. They have over 100,000 groups all over the world that meet regularly. AA meetings are incredibly beneficial for those who have alcohol addiction that are trying to stay sober. AA tools sponsorship, the 12 steps, the 12 traditions and The Big Book are helpful to millions of people who are staying sober one day at a time. In the Far Rockaway area, there are several meetings. Here are a few.

Far Rockaway Together
St. Mary Star of the Sea
1920 New Haven Ave.
Far Rockaway, NY 11694

Feelings Group
First Congregational Church
348 Beach 94th St.
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

Today’s Topic Group
First Congregational Church
348 Beach 94th St.
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

AA is the 12-step group for those who are addicted to alcohol. Narcotics Anonymous is the 12-step group for those who are addicted to all other substances. While there are more specific 12-step groups for various drugs like Cocaine Anonymous and Heroin Anonymous, NA is the largest of these groups, and it includes addictions to all substances. There are several options for NA meetings in the Far Rockaway area.

Bethany Congregational Church
100 Main St.
East Rockaway, NY 11518

Oceanville – Building 4
141 Beach 56th Pl.
Queens, NY 11692

Hammels Community Center
8114 Rockaway Beach Blvd.
Queens, NY 11693

SMART Recovery Meetings

Some people who are recovering from substance use disorder need a recovery program that is an alternative to the 12-step programs. SMART (Self-Management for Addiction Recovery Training) Recovery provides that alternative. They focus on self-empowerment and self-reliance, and they view addiction as a series of destructive behaviors that can be managed as opposed to a disease. Here are the SMART Recovery meetings that are near Far Rockaway.

Broome County Urban League
45 Carroll St.
Binghamton, NY 13901

Laceyville Public Library
453 Main St.
Laceyville, PA 18623

Wyoming County Correctional Facility
10 Stark St.
Tunkhannock, PA 18657


Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Being the loved one – daughter, son, mother, father, friend, aunt, uncle, cousin, spouse or other relative – of someone who suffers from drug and/or alcohol addiction can be very emotionally draining. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon provides a supportive environment where the loved ones of those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol can gather to share their emotions, thoughts and experiences with others who understand what they are going through. Here are the meetings in the Far Rockaway area.

The Serenity Group
Hewlett-Easy Rockaway Jewish Center
295 Main St.
East Rockaway, NY 11518

First Congregational Church
320 Beach 94th St.
Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

There are many surrounding cities that may also be explored for additional resources when one is seeking addiction treatment in Far Rockaway, New York. New York has so many superb detox centers, rehabilitation facilities and recovery meetings.

Medical Disclaimer

The Recovery Village aims to improve the quality of life for people struggling with substance use or mental health disorder with fact-based content about the nature of behavioral health conditions, treatment options and their related outcomes. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals. The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers.

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