Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Sebring, Florida

Part of being a sober individual instead of a relapsing addict is maintaining a sense of accountability. Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease that requires consistent work to conquer. By submitting to regular and/or random drug testing and screening, you can keep yourself or a recovering addict in your life accountable and aware of the everyday responsibility to stay clean. Sebring, Florida has a variety of drug testing centers to help you stay accountable and at peace.

Sebring Drug Testing Centers

A drug testing center, or drug testing facility, uses a variety of submitted specimens from clients to test for the presence of drugs in the body. Types of specimens used in Sebring drug testing include:

  • Urine: This is probably the first type of drug test that comes to your mind. This type of testing can detect a wide range of substances that have been used in the recent past. What makes this test so widely used and preferable is not only its ability to screen for a variety of drugs, but also because of its non-invasive nature.
  • Blood: This method of testing provides more detailed information to the drug test facility about what a client has used. Substances can linger in the blood longer than they metabolize in urine, which can provide more insight into the frequency of use. However, a blood test is more invasive than a urine sample, which means that it is rare that this type of testing is the first choice among methods.
  • Hair: Hair follicle testing provides a long-term report for a drug testing facility, as the hair contains information absorbed from the blood in the scalp and passed into the hair. This can provide a drug history dating back much further in time than any other form of testing. Hair testing is also non-invasive, which is another plus for the drug test facility and the patient.
  • Saliva: Swabbing the inside of the mouth is not only quick and non-invasive, it can provide results for a drug test center about very recent drug use. This is the perfect method to quickly test someone who you suspect has just had a relapse or used earlier in the day or a few hours prior to testing.
  • Sweat: Though not as common as other forms of testing, sweat testing involves wearing a patch for a two-week period, after which the patch is collected by the testing facility for analysis. During the two-week period, the patch detects any drug that is excreted through perspiration.

Drug testing facilities in Sebring can provide their services for many different purposes and the type of testing provided can be chosen based on its purpose. For example, many employers require a pre-screen as part of the application process. This is often performed by a drug testing center administering a urine test to the applicant.

When a suspect has been pulled over with suspicion of driving under the influence of multiple substances and a breathalizer alone cannot provide the full spectrum for proper charging and sentencing, a blood test can be administered for full details on what has been ingested by that suspect.

If you are in a sober living program, on probation, in a custody battle, or even acting strangely or impaired at the workplace, a random drug test could be given at any time that there is a suspicion that you may be using drugs.

Schools and sports teams often require random drug testing of students or players to ensure the safety of the participants and the fairness of any sports outcomes which could be affected by the use of drugs.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When you begin your search to find Sebring drug testing center, you will likely find you have several options. This can make you feel overwhelmed. To help you sort through all that is presented to you when typing “drug testing centers near me” into your search engine on your computer, here are some factors to consider.

  1. Make sure that the drug test facility you choose administers the type of test for which you are searching. Some types of testing, like blood testing, are not common at all drug test centers due to their higher cost.
  2. Although most drug testing centers abide by strict confidentiality, it is best to ensure that this is the case for the drug testing facilities that make your short list. Confidentiality is always important when you use drug testing facilities, and you need to make sure your personal information and results are handled with extreme care and professionalism.
  3. Take the time to learn more about the background of the drug testing centers you are considering. Like finding a counselor or doctor, you want to go to a place that has experience with a wide variety of testing. You want to make sure the staff who will be interacting with you and your loved one is professional and crosses every “t” and dots every “i”. A mishandled specimen in a drug testing center can influence lives in profound ways.
  4. Consider the speed by which the drug testing facilities complete the entire process from start to finish. It can be nerve-wracking enough to even step foot inside a drug test center, particularly if you are mandated to be there for legal reasons, and receiving fast results can alleviate some of your stress.

You can also talk with your doctor, who may be able to recommend a reputable drug testing facility in Sebring. Your insurance carrier may be able to tell you which drug testing centers accept your insurance.
It is perfectly normal to have questions about drug testing. The good news is that you can have all your questions answered in a confidential manner any time of day you need. The Recovery Village is a local leader in the fight against substance abuse and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have and provide advice on how to proceed with drug testing or other processes surrounding drug use or addiction. What is even better is that we are close to home, so you know that you are working with a service that will be convenient for you.