Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde said that, and it may be true, except when it comes to drug testing. Drug test results are pure and simple, and they provide the answers you need. Because there is a drug epidemic sweeping across America, drug testing facilities are often used for both personal and professional reasons.

Drug testing facilities in Steamboat Springs can help when you are screening job candidates, or when you suspect a loved one of substance abuse. When you are not sure if someone is in need of substance abuse treatment in Steamboat Springs, a drug test can either confirm your suspicion or put your mind at ease. Steamboat Springs drug testing centers can  help you with all of the following:

  • Pre-Employment Screening: If you want to ensure job candidates are drug-free, you may require them to pass a drug test as a condition of employment.
  • For Cause and Reasonable Suspicion: If an employee’s job performance has dropped and you suspect substance abuse,  you may ask the employee to submit to drug screening.
  • Annual Physical: Drug testing may be included in employees’ annual physical exams.
  • Post-Accident: When an employee has an accident in the workplace, drug testing may be performed to exclude substance abuse as a contributing factor.
  • Post-Treatment: When someone completes treatment for substance abuse, a follow-up drug test may be requested by the treatment provider,  law enforcement, or an employer.
  • Probation: Drug testing may be a condition of probation. If the individual fails a test, law enforcement may incarcerate them.
  • Sports: College-level, amateur, and professional athletes may be subjected to ongoing drug testing to ensure safe and fair competition.
  • School: Random drug testing may be administered to middle and high school students to keep campuses drug-free.

There are many signs of substance abuse, and fear of drug testing can be one of them. If you suspect a loved one or an employee of substance abuse, The Recovery Village can help you find treatment options and drug testing facilities in Steamboat Springs.

Steamboat Springs Drug Testing Centers

Steamboat Springs drug testing centers typically administer 5-panel drug tests for the following drug categories:

  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Opiates

Some drug testing facilities in Steamboat Springs perform stronger testing for barbiturates, ethanol (alcohol), and benzodiazepines. The strength of each test and the amount of substances for which tests are performed depends upon the reason for testing. Following are the most common specimens used by Steamboat Springs drug testing centers:

Urine – A drug test center most commonly administers urine tests. Urine drug testing is popular because urine tests measure metabolites produced by the body after ingestion of a substance. These metabolites are excreted through the urine, and levels of these structures are measured to assess drug or alcohol use.

Saliva – This is the second most common type of specimen used by Steamboat Springs drug testing centers. Saliva testing is popular because it is fast and non-invasive. The major drawback to saliva testing is that it can only determine the use of drugs or alcohol within a narrow window of time.

Hair – Similar to urine testing, hair drug tests accurately measure metabolites remaining after ingestion of a substance. These metabolites filter through blood vessels in the scalp and reside in the hair. Metabolites remain in the hair long-term; therefore, hair drug test results may be considered a permanent record of drug use.

Perspiration – Sweat testing is a newer method used by drug testing centers. A sweat test is performed by attaching a patch to the skin for a period of two weeks. Perspiration drug tests measure substances ingested and excreted through a person’s perspiration, during that time. At the end of two weeks, the patch is removed and evaluated by Steamboat Springs drug testing centers.

Blood – Blood is considered to be the most accurate specimen for blood testing. However, blood testing is seldom used because it is expensive and invasive.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When searching online for “drug testing facilities near me,” it is important to find a drug testing facility in Steamboat Springs that is reliable. Here are some important characteristics of reliable drug testing facilities:

Accurate: Whatever the reason for testing, accuracy is important when it comes to drug testing.  By locating Steamboat Springs drug testing centers, certified with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), you can be certain test results are accurate and reliable. The best way to locate an HHS certified drug testing facility is to review the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list of HHS certified laboratories in Steamboat Springs.

Fast: A reliable Steamboat Springs drug testing center always renders fast and accurate results.

Experienced: When you use an experienced drug test facility, you will encounter seamless, professional practices, and fast, reliable results.

Private: Because drug test results can negatively impact a person’s life,  a professional drug testing facility will never share test results with unauthorized individuals.

An online search for “drug testing centers near me” can give you a list of local drug testing facilities in Steamboat Springs, including client reviews. You may also find reliable drug testing centers by consulting the following:

Your insurance provider: A representative from your health insurance carrier can assist you in finding local drug testing centers that accept your coverage. This can help with the cost of testing.

Your Family Doctor: Because your primary care physician knows your health history and your reason for testing, he or she can refer you to reputable drug testing facilities in Steamboat Springs.

The Recovery Village:
Contact The Recovery Village to find qualified drug testing facilities in Steamboat Springs. We can answer your questions, and also help you find treatment options for anyone struggling with addiction. To make the process easy, you may also reach us online. Why not reach out today?