If you have attended a substance abuse treatment program in Denver, you may already be familiar with peer support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. NA meetings and AA meetings are available to help you manage your road to recovery with the help of peer support.

If you are seeking peer support via NA and AA meetings, Denver has a lot to offer. Group meetings can make a significant difference in your recovery. If you are considering attending meetings as part of your process in becoming and remaining sober, this guide will offer some insight so that you know what to expect.

AA Meetings in Denver, Colorado

When you struggle with alcohol addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) may feel like your best source of hope. Since the 1930s, AA has offered an amazing opportunity for individuals to grow as people, ultimately developing on the road to sobriety. The 12 steps associated with AA are meant to facilitate sobriety, and they are often successful for individuals who have tried and relapsed using other methods.

Peer support, an element critical to success and recovery, is available through AA meetings. AA meetings in Denver can prevent feelings of isolation, but they can also promote self-esteem and familial relationships. The benefits of attending these support group meetings are numerous, so paying close attention to local meetings could help you on your road to recovery.

No barriers to entry for AA exist. Anybody is free to attend meetings. The only requirement for becoming a member is that you wish to stop drinking alcohol. The organization supports itself and has no affiliation with other organizations, including the government.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

With so many different types of Denver AA meetings from which to choose, you are sure to find a location, time, and topic that meets your needs. While many people get their start attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in treatment, many people begin attending out of their own volition. Anybody who wants to stop drinking is welcomed to attend these meetings.

One thing that Denver AA meetings have in common is the 12 steps. For many people, working through these 12 steps is one way to lead a sober life. The steps call on meeting attendees to adjust their behaviors and work with their “higher power” to find a way to live a sober life.

As you look for AA meetings, consider these factors:

  • Smoking and non-smoking groups
  • Group leadership
  • Meeting locations
  • Public nature of group meetings

As you can see from looking at different meetings, atmosphere and topic can differ from session to session. Some sessions focus on readings, whereas others may have special speakers discussing their experiences. Some meetings are open to anybody and some are closed, allowing only addicts to attend.

Here are a few AA meetings Denver offers:

York Street Club
1311 York St.
Denver, CO 80206

Denver AA
1865 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80210

Salvation Army
4751 N. Broadway
Denver, CO 80216

You can find more AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website. The website allows you to search for meetings based on your specific location.

NA Meetings in Denver, Colorado

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) has been around since 1953, offering individuals with drug addiction a chance at sobriety. Individuals of all religions, political affiliations, sexes, and personalities have benefited from using NA as a way to work toward a sober lifestyle.

One thing you will learn at an NA meeting is that the program is quite similar to AA. For instance, NA still works with the 12 steps. Instead of applying them to alcohol, the group applies them to any substance, whether it is an opiate or marijuana.

The principles you learn in your NA meetings will help you stay on the path toward recovery. One of the biggest benefits of attending these regular meetings is being able to build a support network of people who have gone through similar situations. Building a team of support can add structure to your life, making it easier for you to avoid triggers.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

You can search online for “NA meetings Denver” to pull up different meeting options. While each Narcotics Anonymous meeting will focus on the 12 steps that AA uses, the steps are altered to impact addicts of all types. These support group meetings offer a great option for aftercare for people leaving rehabilitation centers and other forms of treatment.

Denver NA meetings and locations include:

Sobriety House
121 Acoma St.
Denver, CO 80223

Community Alcohol & Drug Rehab
3315 Gilpin St.
Denver, CO 80205

Christ Community Church
8085 E. Hampden Ave.
Denver, CO 80231

With the Narcotics Anonymous website, you can easily find more meetings in your area. Remember that attending these meetings is always completely free, though donations are accepted. When you search for NA meetings, Denver is a great place to begin.

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