Can You Shoot Vicodin?

Vicodin is a semi-synthetic opioid prescription drug. It is used to help manage severe to moderate pain, typically experienced after a major surgery or from painful injuries. The drug is also commonly prescribed for individuals who suffer from other forms of chronic pain. Vicodin comes in tablet form with two commercial dosages which are both meant to be taken orally. The smaller dose pill is comprised of five milligrams of hydrocodone and 325 milligrams of acetaminophen, while the higher dose contains ten milligrams of hydrocodone and 660 milligrams of acetaminophen.

The danger associated with excessive use of Vicodin lies in the addictive nature of the two components. Hydrocodone is used to alter a person’s perception of pain and acetaminophen is used as a painkiller. Additionally, while acetaminophen itself is considered to be non-addictive, too much of it can cause liver damage. Misuse of the Vicodin, beyond what is prescribed by a physician, is a concern as there is a possibility for both liver failure and addiction –which can lead to dependence and overdose.

Smoking Vicodin | Can You Shoot Vicodin?
When taken orally, Vicodin needs to be dissolved, absorbed, and processed by a person’s body before the drug can make its way to the brain and begin to take effect. The typical time for this process to happen is between 20-30 minutes. However, when people abuse the drug they often seek out other methods of consumption that deliver the substance more quickly to the brain. Often, people either smoke Vicodin or shoot it into their veins. Before a person can introduce Vicodin into their system by either of these means, the tablets need to be crushed or dissolved into a solution.
Vicodin can be smoked once it is in a crushed form -typically by heating it on tinfoil and then inhaled. Smoking Vicodin provides a quicker means for the drug to take effect on the brain as it allows passage directly to the bloodstream via the nasal passage and lungs. However, smoking Vicodin tends to not create the same pain-relieving effect as when it is taken orally. This is likely because the high temperature used to create the vapors can easily destroy the chemical makeup and only small amounts of the hydrocodone are then released. When smoking the drug in this way, additional substances like binders and fillers that are used in creating the tablet are inhaled as well. Since these chemicals are not absorbed by the body, this method is especially dangerous and damages the body.

Some people try other things to enhance their experience when smoking Vicodin -like combining it with marijuana. This can be dangerous as the combination impairs motor skills, judgment, and can impact normal breathing.

As with Vicodin that is prepared for smoking, the process of injecting the drug into the veins begins with crushing the drug into powder form. The powder is then dissolved in water, resulting in a solution that can be injected into a vein, muscle, or other location just below the skin. The dangers are similar to those of smoking the drug, with the exception that injecting Vicodin presents a much greater risk for a lethal overdose, as it introduces the drug into the system so quickly.
Can You Shoot Vicodin?
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