Using one drug to destroy the addiction caused by another can be very challenging, as it can be seen as replacing one drug with another. Typically used to treat pre-existing addictions and their withdrawal symptoms, Subutex has proven to be an extremely addictive drug all on its own. So, when attempting to manage an addiction to Subutex, it’s important to have medical professionals and clinical therapists nearby to ensure the safest and healthiest detox process. Many people think they can treat their addictions on their own, but there are plenty of options to make professional treatment possible. The Recovery Village offers various treatment plans and programs to better assist prospective patients on their road to a Subutex-free life.

Subutex Treatment

Attempting to manage an addiction without professional medical support, can be tricky. Some people try to treat themselves at home using different methods. One of these methods is quitting cold turkey, which involves abruptly stopping the use of Subutex. However, quitting cold turkey can make the withdrawal symptoms much more extreme. Quitting cold turkey  can also cause withdrawal symptoms to appear quicker. This is not a method that is recommended by medical professionals because the risk of experiencing setbacks is more prominent.

Another way people attempt to treat themselves at home is through tapering. Instead of abruptly stopping Subutex use, the stoppage is gradual. While this method decreases the possibility of setbacks occurring, it is not advised to do this without medical supervision. Weaning off the drug is a better option than quitting cold turkey  because it allows the body to slowly get used to functioning without the drug. However, only a doctor can properly determine the correct amount that the pill should be decreased by, on a weekly basis.

The desire to begin a life free of Subutex in the comfort of someone’s home sounds appealing, but it’s beneficial to the recovery process to allow a team of medical professionals to assist a patient through the recovery process. If withdrawal symptoms become unbearable, having a treatment team available can help ease those symptoms and help the patient through any withdrawal-related urges that they may have for the drug.

Working with The Recovery Village will allow medical professionals to create a treatment plan that is made specifically for the patient and takes into consideration their unique needs. This way, the treatment team can determine the amount of time and the types of treatment that are needed to ensure a successful recovery.

To determine the proper course of treatment, patients can go through an evaluation by doctors and therapists to figure out the proper course of treatment. During this phase, doctors will consider the dosage, the length of the addiction and the severity of the addiction when the configure a patient’s plan. After the evaluation, the Subutex detox begins the minute the patient stops taking the drug. This is the point when withdrawal symptoms come into play, but the treatment team is there to ensure a patient’s comfort and safety during this time. Once detox is complete, patients can go to aftercare. This is when the tools and skills that were taught in treatment are applied to life in the community. The patient  may then be recommended to start attending regular therapy sessions or to attend a 12-step program to ensure their sobriety stays in tact.

Subutex Rehab

The Recovery Village has facilities across the nation to facilitate  Subutex rehab. Each center offers individualized programs per patient to help with their unique situations. The Recovery Village has rehab centers located in Maryland, Ohio, Colorado, Washington and Florida. These locations include:

  • The Recovery Village: To begin their journey to a drug-free life, prospective patients can consider The Recovery Village, which is located in Umatilla, Florida. The center offers outpatient, partial hospitalization and inpatient treatment for prospective patients. This center allows patients to participate in art and music therapy, as well as enjoy the company of specially trained dogs.
  • The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake: Located in Colorado, The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake offers inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs for those looking to manage their Subutex addiction. This location has basketball, volleyball and tennis courts for patients to enjoy, along with an exercise gym.
  • The Recovery Village Columbus: Treating substance use disorders, The Recovery Village Columbus in Ohio offers intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization and inpatient treatment programs for those beginning recovery. This location has an art room and rec room available for patients to relax during their treatment, as well as a fully stocked shuffleboard and a pool table to play.
  • The Recovery Ridgefield: This location offers various programs to help patients during their  Subutex detoxification. The Recovery Village Ridgefield offers outpatient and aftercare programs. The Ridgefield, Washington, location is the only facility to have a miniature golf course on-site, as well as horseshoes and badminton available as outdoor activities.
  • Orlando Recovery Center: Right in the heart of Orlando, the Orlando Recovery Center helps patients who are not just struggling with the misuse of drugs but helps them with any mental illnesses as well. This center offers inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. The Orlando location has weekly field trips off-site so patients have an opportunity to get back out and volunteer in the community.
  • IAFF Center of Excellence: The Maryland-based center serves firefighters and first responders struggling with PTSD, addiction and other behavioral health concerns. The IAFF Center of Excellence offers inpatient, partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs to people who are looking to begin their journey to recovery and return to work. IAFF also offers an exercise gym in their facility as well as various outdoor sporting activities so patients can stay in shape for when they return to their careers.

If prospective patients are unable to attend one of The Recovery Village’s facilities, they can discover centers close to them by using the local facility directory.

Paying for rehab is a reason why many people choose to disregard seeking professional treatment. However, most people aren’t aware that private insurance companies are mandated through the Affordable Care Act to cover substance use disorder treatment and any other co-occurring disorders that could be present as well. The stipulations of individual insurance will vary on your specific provider, so it’s important to call and find out how much coverage is allowed for treatment.

If paying through private insurance is not an option, there are other ways to pay for treatment. With some research, patients can find and apply for eligible grants to help cover the cost of Subutex rehab. Private pay is also an option, which includes borrowing money for family members or taking out a private loan. Government-sponsored insurance like Medicare or Medicaid can be helpful as well.

Low-income treatment facilities and free centers are also available for people who are struggling to pay for treatment. However, these kinds of centers tend to accumulate a long waitlist, so it’s better to look into alternative payment options. The Recovery Village can help people figure out the best way to pay for their treatment. No one should give up on the thought of living a drug-free life because of the cost of rehab.

Inpatient Subutex Rehab Center

To undergo detoxification under the safest conditions, inpatient treatment is  the best option. During a stay at one of The Recovery Village facilities, 24-hour supervision is readily available for individuals selecting to utilize inpatient treatment to make sure that the detoxification process goes as smoothly as possible. The amount of time spent in a treatment facility varies on how severe the addiction is and how long the treatment team believes is necessary for recovery. During inpatient treatment, patients can experience one-on-one, group and recreational therapy which is useful to helping them develop skills to manage their addiction once treatment is complete.

Outpatient Subutex Rehab Center

For individuals who are not able to take the time off of work or step away from their responsibilities at home to enroll in an inpatient program, outpatient treatment could be the most effective method of treatment. During this type of treatment, patients commute to The Recovery Village facility for scheduled treatments. The types of treatments include one-on-one counseling as well as group and recreational therapy. The amount of time required to attend the facility will vary on the severity of the addiction.

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Medical Disclaimer

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