Sponsors in AA encourage, guide, advise and support AA members in achieving and maintaining sobriety.

There are several components to alcohol rehab, and attending group therapy sessions is often a part. More specifically, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings are popular in alcohol rehab and can be an effective component of an overall treatment protocol.

While not mandatory, many people who participate in AA meetings also team up with a sponsor. An AA sponsor is one who helps people along their journey to recovery, including providing guidance, offering advice and support, and holding the person accountable. Sponsors can be an integral part of recovery, and many people find great success with such a partnership.

How to Give Back to the Community

If you have successfully completed rehab for an addiction to alcohol, you may have considered giving back in some way. If so, becoming an AA sponsor may be the perfect way to not only help someone else, but to help solidify your sobriety as well.

Studies have shown that being a sponsor can benefit both the sponsors themselves as well as people they support. More specifically, sponsors are much less likely to experience a setback in the year after completing treatment. Clearly, there are great reasons to volunteer as an AA sponsor.

So, how do you become one?

What Is the Role of an AA Sponsor?

It is important to understand the role of an AA sponsor before choosing to become one.

For starters, you need to understand what members are going through and have the patience and time to dedicate to their recovery journey. You should be willing to do whatever is within your scope to help people in AA with their issues and encourage them to find new types of fun in sobriety.

While helping others in AA, sponsors can also help themselves strengthen their own sobriety by leading by example.

An AA sponsor provides ongoing support, guidance and advice to members, and educates them on the 12 steps of the program and why these steps are important. Sponsors encourage members to continue attending and participating in meetings on a regular basis to progress along the path to sobriety and maintain that lifestyle over time.

How to Become an AA Sponsor

There is not a specific educational facility or training program that people must attend to become a sponsor with Alcoholics Anonymous. The only real requirement is a desire to help people and dedicate your time to supporting people who need guidance along their journey.  

Of course, you will also have to live a life of sobriety, free of drug abuse and alcohol use. Your dedication to leading a lifestyle free of drugs or alcohol is a must to set a great example for your sponsees. In essence, anyone who participates in AA meetings and is living a life free of the use of drugs and alcohol is already a sponsor in many people’s eyes.

Thinking of Becoming an AA Sponsor?

If you have a desire to help others who are experiencing addiction to alcohol and are willing to dedicate the time and energy to such a worthy cause, then perhaps becoming an AA sponsor may be the right path for you. While you are helping others, you will also help yourself maintain an alcohol-free lifestyle.

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