Percodan – FAQ

Percodan is a synthetic narcotic opiate-based prescription drug containing aspirin and oxycodone. It is a very high-potency painkiller that is produced in 12-hour time release tablets. When used as directed by a prescribing healthcare provider, this drug is relatively safe but due to its opioid component, the user is at a greater risk for abusing Percodan and developing an addiction.

Percodan is often found on the black market as individuals seek it out for its euphoric effects – similar to those when heroin is used. This is achieved when a person chews the tablet or crushes it and then either inhales the drug or mixes it with water to enable its injection. Any of these methods allows the drug to swiftly move into the individual’s body and hastens the rush of their high, but there can be bad consequences.

Misuse has resulted in users who have vomited from an adverse reaction to the drug, stopped breathing, and even suffocated from inhaling vomit while under the influence of this Percodan.

Withdrawal and detoxifying from Percodan should not be done suddenly as some serious symptoms can occur. Instead, it is advised for an individual to seek out professional help for this process.

If you or somebody you know is using Percodan and you suspect there may be an addiction, you can learn more by checking out the FAQ section, or contact The Recovery Village at any time to get the answers about treatment that you need.

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